solid wood flooring

Many people have now chosen wooden floors in their home. As the first step in your home, wood floors must have the best quality. Of course, you do not want yourself, the occupants of your house and guests to step on wooden floors whose condition is not useful or even harmful. Before you decide to buy solid wood flooring, know this first.

Parquet floors have various types, as mentioned earlier. Before purchasing and installing, you must first understand these types and their quality. Solid parquet, for example, why the price is higher up to three times of course because the quality is indeed good. This parquet uses 100% original wood without any combination. That is why solid parquet floors are more expensive than another type of parquet flooring.

While engineered parquet is a combination of solid flooring and multiplex whose quality is still below stable, where the top layer is real wood, and the bottom layer is multiplex. Solid engineered parquet is sometimes difficult to distinguish from solid flooring if it is installed.

Laminated parquet has the advantage of price and affordable and accessible installation. No need for glue or parquet finishing materials, because laminated flooring has its lock and the top layer is ready.

But, Why Solid Parquet Flooring? This is the 5 main reason why you must choose solid parquet flooring in your room

Solid wood has an aesthetic value

have an aesthetic value

Wooden floors must have aesthetic value in them. To have the best wood flooring, Jati Luhur Agung recommends that you choose an excellent wooden floor design, with varied wood floor motifs and in the future, it will make the dwelling more beautiful with the aesthetic value of the wood floor design itself.

Solid wood has no gaps

has no gaps

Wood Flooring must not have a hole or gap in the middle. Solid type must be tight, and there are no gaps. The closer the gap or even no gap in the middle, the better the flooring.

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Have more durability 

have more durability

Solid wood has more resistant to termite attack, so when applied as a wooden floor, it lasts longer for years.

Easy to maintenance

easy to maintenance

Easy maintenance makes use of solid wood parquet floors so that it can be clean in a natural way. No need to sweep, just use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.

Give a more attractive appearance

attractive appearance

Floors that use solid wood parquet give the presence of the room the house becomes more attractive because the wood used for the manufacture of flooring is obtained directly from the tree and has more extended durability than other types of wood floors.

Everyone certainly has their feelings, and so do you. When choosing a solid parquet flooring, make sure you want according to taste and also consider the interior design theme of your room. If the interior of your room is brightly coloured, with furniture and brightly coloured walls you can choose dark-coloured parquet such as reddish-brown Merbau parquet, black-coloured wenge panga or dark oak type, black country ebony. And vice versa, many choices of soft parquet colours, a case of light grey, cream or light brown. Parquet of kempas or bengkirai wood, for example.

Besides solid wood flooring, there are several other types of wood flooring names engineered and laminate parquet. Different brands, of course, different prices. Well, the important thing before buying tile that you must pay attention to is your budget.

If you have much budget, you can buy a solid parquet. However, if the budget is limited, laminate or engineered flooring could be the right choice because the price is relatively affordable.

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