Choosing wood flooring for your company is not an easy task and it may seem a little bit haunting, especially when you never did it before. If you are unsure about which type of wood is suitable for flooring, you can compare a couple of different styles and designs that we provide. This article might help you to choose the best wood flooring for your company.

This type of wood is coveted for its authenticity and longevity. In PT. Jati Luhur Agung, the wood is constructed by 100% of hardwood and each plank is a single solid piece. If you want something that is not engineered and lumber, then it is best to have a solid type of wood.

Below, there is an explanation about solid wood flooring

What is solid wood?

As described above, solid wood flooring is a single and solid piece of wood. Our solid wood is a great choice for you who looking for an authentic and luxurious design in your company. Harder wood such as teak and acacia is known as more dent resistant and those with more resilient finishes will perform the best against scratches and mites. The wood species available for this type of flooring is Acacia, Hevea, Merbau and Teak.

Where is the best place to install solid wood?

Hardwood flooring such as Acacia, Hevea, Merbau, and Teak has an extremely durable flooring product that could be set up in just about any room. This wood is a great choice for enhancing spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, and office room.

How to install this type of flooring?

To install this kind of wood, it will requires some stapling or nailing planks to subfloor after some time of acclimation. Some times, using this method of installation will be challenging if they are not expert with solid wood instalation.

How much the cost of solid wood for flooring?

In this meantime, solid wood is the gold standard in flooring and usually known as the most premium price compared to another type of flooring. The variable that impacts the price of this type is the choice material of the wood, warranty, and how many finishing processes have been used to archive the look. The more distressed and scrapped style for those looks will be on the higher end price.

Our Factory

What is the specification of solid wood in PT. Jati Luhur Agung?

  1. The thickness of this material will be either 15 mm or 18 mm.
  2. The width is 90 – 140 mm.
  3. The length will be 500 – 1500 mm.

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