Brief History

PT Jati Luhur Agung was established in Semarang in the year 1974. The company has been in operation for more than 47 years and is now run by its second generation, focusing in the wood flooring and wood component business.


In the beginning of its establishment, the company put emphasis on Teak Wood mainly due to the availability of raw materials as well as the development of wood flooring market for residential and housing needs in Singapore and Hong Kong in the 1970s and also Taiwan, Japan and Italy in the 1980s.

Along with time, the company expands its business by using several other wood materials available in Indonesia such as Rubber Wood, Acacia, Mahogany, Sungkai and Merbau, while innovating and investing in finishing technology and expanding the product lines to fulfill the demand from other European market and USA.

Budi Harjanto

PT Jati Luhur Agung is proud with its Made in Indonesia label and believes that the quality of Indonesian woods is at par with the global market standards.

Budi Harjanto – Founder & CEO


To be a company that produces the best quality of products and services, that continues to grow along with market
development that enables it to compete in the global market while ensuring the latest technology in the industry and
consistently contributing to the welfare of community and environment.

about us mission


  • To be a company that continues to advance in this era of globalization by producing best quality of products and excellent services, providing a strong foundation to diversify business in the future.
  • Optimize the quality of the company by providing the best opportunities to its human resources in terms of creativity and innovation hence creating a positive effect of a sense of belonging & responsibility in the company.
  • Produce high quality products with sophisticated design to acquire new market while at the same time maintaining existing and loyal customers.
  • High commitment, good communication and trustworthy cooperation, enabling a smooth and continuous collaboration between buyers and suppliers to achieve mutual growth and development.


Customer Satisfaction


Hard Work & Precise