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Do you want to update your home flooring? Solid hardwood flooring can be a good choice because of some reasons. As we know, many homeowners turn to hardwood floors for their homes as they prefer its classic look. Here, we will talk about this kind of flooring further.

Why Buy Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has a few benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose hardwood flooring:

Easy to clean & maintain

Hardwood flooring is very easy to clean with regular maintenance. It is better to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guides.

Strength & Durability

Everyone knows that hardwood floors are strong and durable although they have different hardness ratings. Anyway, solid wood floors can be sanded & repaired over & over again, making them very durable. If you take care of your wood floors properly, the hard surface will last decades.

High quality & value

Hardwood floors are available in a range of appearances. They come with different species, stains, styles, and colors. No matter how diverse & unique your desires are, there’s always a design that will give your space warmth, classic beauty, as well as will increase the value of your floors.

Better air quality

Hardwood flooring doesn’t trap pollen, animal dander, dust, particulate matter, and other allergens. It means that hardwood flooring can improve the air quality of your home. For allergy sufferers, wood flooring is often a must. In terms of air quality, wood floors are better than laminate or tile. Although laminate and tile don’t have the fibers the carpet has, they still have grout lines & an embossing.


Sometimes, hardwood flooring can be expensive. However, if you think about the long-term costs, hardwood floors are less likely to be damaged. This factor will really reduce your cleaning and repair costs over the years. Besides, because hardwood floors are very durable, they can last for generations making them a cost-effective flooring choice. Maybe, it is a little bit more upfront. However, it will save you money in the end.

Improve acoustics in your home

In addition, solid hardwood floors can improve the acoustics in the room. They can reduce vibrations and hollow sounds that often occur. That’s why you will find solid hardwood in nearly every dance/music studio. If you want wood-like flooring that reduces noise, cork or vinyl can be the better option here.

When planning for your home renovation, the choice of flooring belongs to the most important decisions to make. If you prefer solid hardwood for your new home flooring, you can contact PT. Jati Luhur Agung.

With 40+ years of experience, this company has been producing hardwood floors that last for generations with different trends, from classic to the newest one in the hardwood flooring design. The company believes in making a strong foundation on partnership with customers & environment, by combining their warm service, the new world’s green attitude, and technology.

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How Are Solid Hardwood Floors Made?

Manufacturing of solid hardwood flooring begins with the tree itself. After the tree is cut into logs, they are cut into rough planks. Then, they are graded. After that, the boards are evened on all sides to smooth the saw marks as well as level the plank.

Then, a machine cuts the tongue as well as groove edges that make the boards tightly fit together. It allows the boards to expand & contract, without creating gaps between the planks in the floor. At this stage, the planks can go through a distressing process to give them a unique look. It can be accomplished by machine or by hand. The last step is staining or sealing with some coats of protective finish/shipped unfinished.

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Tips When Buying Solid Hardwood Flooring

You may have decided the color of hardwood that fits your home style. However, color is not the only consideration. There are still a few important things to consider when you shop for hardwood flooring.

Different species & hardness

Wood species mean the kind of wood such as tigerwood, walnut, maple, oak, etc. Its hardness helps determine how well your hardwood floor will stand up to wear & tear. Each species carries a hardness rating. The higher the number of ratings, the harder the wood.

Room location

Solid hardwood is not appropriate for every room. The environment of your room can help you decide whether solid hardwood is the right flooring option for that particular space.

Pattern & grain

Most woods have some color variations. Before you start installing the floor permanently, lay out the boards as well as arrange them in a design which suits your taste. There is no right or wrong pattern. Most people arrange the variations of color randomly. Therefore, the color is spaced evenly. But selecting boards that closely match the baseboards & trim along the walls will look more harmonious.

There are 4 basic kinds of wood grains produced by various methods of sawing wood, that are livesawn, Riftsawn, quartersawn, and plain sawn.

Because there are trees, there are different wood grain patterns. Some come with no visible grain and others come with striking grain patterns. Different grain patterns are found in the same tree.

Plank width

In the past, almost all hardwood flooring was installed in 2-3” strips but today people use wider planks. A floor that is composed of wide planks has fewer seams compared to a floor of thin strips. You must be aware that the seams can eventually be more prominent because the wood expands & contracts. As changes in the wood are not distributed across as many boards, the movement may look exaggerated.


After you are sure that you will consider solid hardwood flooring, you have to choose where to buy it.
There are many companies that provide solid hardwood floors but Jati Luhur Agung is the best choice.

Its wood parquet flooring industry has only one aim. It is to provide the best products and services quality to customers. Just feel free to find your desired Indonesian wood species such as mahogany, acacia, hevea, etc.

Contact us if you need any help to choose the best solid hardwood for your industry!

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