Tile That Looks Like Wood Is It a Good Choice for Flooring

As we know, wood looks classic and suits any space. That’s why people want to have wood flooring. But real wood is difficult to care for. The good news is that you can find a tile that looks like wood that comes with wood grains. So, you will be able to enjoy the advantage of a classic aesthetic while avoiding real wood’s drawbacks.

What Is a Tile That Looks Like Wood?

What Is a Tile That Looks Like Wood?

Wood-look tile is designed specifically to emulate the natural wood’s appearance & texture. However, it offers low maintenance and better durability like common tiles. Of course, it is factory-made. In addition to easier to produce, this product is also usually more affordable.

Wood Flooring Vs Wood Looking Tile

Wood Flooring Vs Wood Looking Tile

If you feel confused to choose between wood floor and wood looking tile, you need to compare them so that you know about the pros and cons of each.

1. Cost and Installation

You need to know that wood-look floor costs lower because it offers easier installation. In fact, it requires no labor-intensive sanding and staining. Meanwhile, installing real wood flooring needs sanding, staining, and also finishing.

2. Durability

In relation to durability, wood-look tile has an advantage. Made of porcelain, this is more resistant to scratch and water compared to wood. Besides that, the glaze protects its surface from fading and staining. It means, hardwood flooring tile looks new for longer.

3. Stain Resistance

Then, stain also belongs to a unique factor you must consider. Commonly, you don’t only have the problem of literal stain but also the problem of stain from wear & tear. For your information, real hardwood floor is meant to be re-sanded, repainted, or stained whereas tile is not. But wood-looking tile is more resistant to stain. Moreover, you don’t need to re-sand or refinish it as often. Since there are different types of grain, you can choose the tile with the best wood grain pattern.

4. Colors

We all know that wood is brown. There are also various shades & hues to select from. So, it will be consistent enough. You must know that wood-looking tile is more versatile because it may take on realistic tones inspired by nature. And, it may come in creative options such as white, gray, and black tiles.

5. Variety and Styles

For your information, wood-looking tile comes in different sizes, textures, and colors. Meanwhile, real hardwood surface is available in different colors & styles but is usually limited by the use.

6. Care and Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and care, wood-looking tile clearly wins out over real hardwood. In fact, you will be able to keep it looking its best even with minimal effort. Usually, its care is as easy as vinyl flooring. Since you sweep & mop its surface regularly using a mild detergent, it remains looking great for longer.

7. Pet-friendliness

If you ask pet owners, they will say that real hardwood flooring is a nightmare. On the other hand, wood-looking tile is a pet-friendly alternative because of some reasons. In addition to wood grains patterns that look real, its surface is also resistant to scratch so that it stands up to claws, paws, or other sharp objects. Additionally, it tolerates liquid better.

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Are Wood-Looking Tiles Out of Style?

Are Wood Looking Tiles Out of Style

Many people think that wood-style pattern is out of date. However, wood-looking tile is very popular now. With the new tech, this kind of tile is getting more stylish and realistic. Of course, it can be a good way to get the wood’s classic look with easy maintenance. Whether you want it for a kitchen floor, hallway, or living room, it belongs to the best materials to consider for home interior flooring. We are sure that it never goes out of style.

Do Wood-Looking Tiles Need Grout?

Do Wood-Looking Tiles Need Grout

Keep in mind that wood-looking tile is like common tiles so that it requires a grout joint. The grout is usually 1/8” wide. It is very important to let the tile adjust to the subfloor minuscule movements. So, it prevents an uneven surface, lippage, and breakage. With no grout, the flooring will not be well-installed. Besides that, it will not last long as usual.

How to Care for Wood-Looking Tile

How to Care for Wood Looking Tile

After you choose tile with your desired wood grain pattern, you have to care for it properly. Compared to ceramic, hardwood, and carpet flooring, wood-looking tile offers easy care. You just need to sweep & mop the floor regularly using a mild detergent. The most important thing is that you avoid abrasive products for cleaning because they will may strip away your tile’s finish.

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How to Choose the Right Color of Wood-Looking Tile

How to Choose the Right Color of Wood Looking Tile

If you want to but wood-looking tile, you can choose different styles & colors available such as light beige, deep mahogany, and camel brown tile. Make sure that you select a color that will not overwhelm the space or clash with the decoration. If you consider a natural look, you can choose matte porcelain tile that comes in neutral & light colors such as gray and beige. Or, you can consider wood-looking porcelain tile that comes in dark brown to make a statement.

Whichever the color you choose, just ensure that you love it because this kind of tile flooring is meant to last decades.

How to Get the Wood-Looking Tile of Your Dreams

How to Get the Wood Looking Tile of Your Dreams

Nowadays, wood-looking tile is very popular. Besides that, it becomes a versatile choice that gives your home a stunning & timeless character. What makes it interesting is not only the ease of maintenance but also pet-friendly. In addition, it comes in different styles & colors.

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