parquet flooring

Hardwood floors or wood parquet flooring do offer a unique touch in a home or your industry. That is why parquet floors are the most popular feature for many people. 

But what the people usually missed is, parquet is a pretty spoiled item in terms of maintenance. Minor mistakes in caring for and cleaning parquet floors can cause damage such as scratches to the arising of the arch. Even the use of coarse-textured cleaning cloth can cause lines that will damage the floor. The main point in here is the cleanliness. If the flooring is clean then the floor does give a positive impression while adding character to the property.

Here is how to properly care your parquet flooring so as not to reduce the excess parquet flooring in your residence

Cleaning from mud stains

If the parquet floor is stained with mud, you can use a vinegar solution that has been mixed with water. For comparison vinegar with water is 60 ml with 1000 ml. How to clean parquet floors from mud stains or other stains that cause dull floors, simply by spraying a solution of white vinegar and water. Clean the stain on the floor with a wet mop or an ordinary cloth. And don’t forget to dry the wooden floor immediately 

Cleaning from other stains

Bloodstains left on parquet floors can cause the appearance to be less attractive. And if not handled properly, bloodstains will be more difficult to clean. Use floor cleaning fluid for removing stains on parquet floors.

There are also annoying gum stains. First of all to clean the gum stain on the parquet floor, wet the area with water. Then use a plastic knife and scrape it until the floor is clean. Avoid rubbing too hard because it can make the floor scratched.

Not infrequently droplets of drinks stains cause hard-to-clean parquet floors. But with a slightly damp microfiber cloth, you can remove drink stains such as soda, wine, or crayon or ink stains.

While stains from nail polish, shoe polish or tarts, can be easily removed using a liquid nail polish cleaner. Drop the nail polish cleaner on the microfiber cloth and rub it gently into the stained area on the parquet floor.

Heel marks left on parquet floors can be removed using a pencil eraser, you know. You simply rub the eraser gently on the stain. Do this until the stain is completely lifted from your wooden floor.

Clean with hot water

Mopping the parquet floor is recommended every month or at least when the floor looks dirty. Use hot water to mop the wooden floor. No need to use boiling water, most importantly the water must be a little more than warm. Don’t forget to squeeze the cloth or sponge that will be used for mopping. After the floor is thoroughly cleaned, try to wipe it clean and dry completely.

General cleaning tips

The thing to remember in caring for and cleaning parquet floors is always to clean regularly. Letting small dirt accumulate is the biggest mistake that can cause stains and damage the surface of the floor. It is recommended to use a soft brush or downy broom when cleaning the parquet floor. And if any liquid is spilled, immediately clean it with a cloth or sponge.

The last is tips for cleaning fat stains that have frozen on the surface of the parquet floor. You need an ice pack. Place the ice pack on the fat and allow it to harden. Then use a plastic knife to get rid of frozen fat.

Those are some ways to clean parquet flooring from various kinds of stubborn stains. With tips on caring for wood floors above, you no longer need to worry that wood floors will quickly become obsolete, and if you are looking for quality parquet floors, you can get them on PT. Jati Luhur Agung.