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The use of wood, exposed rock, and other original material exposed is a representation of Indonesia’s natural wealth in its tropical climate. This makes wood flooring or often called parquet flooring to become trending in the world of Indonesian architecture. Wood floors and parquet floors are now very diverse types and applications, some are used in indoor flooring, decking, and stairs. While the use of the same material can be applied in pergolas, facades, to interior accessories such as grilles.

What is hardwood floors and parquet floors?

Hardwood floors and parquet floors are a collection of wood chips that can be in the form of original wood or wood chips that have been pressed in such a way that is applied on a concrete floor, can be applied in the interior or exterior. This floor covering is one of the decorative elements applied in residential, villa, hotel, and sometimes in offices.

Although it sounds the same, wood floors and parquet have a different meaning. Parquet flooring is a piece of wood that has profiles on its sides to be locked together when applied and reinforced using firing nails. Parquet is divided into 2, namely solid parquet and engineered parquet. While the wooden floor is a unit of solid wood that is mounted to each other using screws.

Parquet Floor Type

parquet floor type

Before discussing hardwood floors and parquet floors, you should know the following 2 types of parquet floors:

1. Solid Parquet

Parquet flooring uses 100% original wood in its application. The wood used is Hevea, Acacia, Mahogany, and Teak. Solid parquet itself has 2 style, namely Flat and Wire Brushed, and Hand Scraped and finished with UV / Polyurethane.

2. Engineered Parquet

It is a type of parquet that has a thin layer (veneer) in the first layer, while underneath there is a multiplex layer or plywood for reinforcement. The wood used in the engineered parquet includes Hevea, Acacia, Mahogany, Teak, and Sungkai.

Type of Parquet Floor Mounting

parquet flooring mounting

There are 2 types of mounting on parquet floors on the flooring including glue (down) and with plywood (nail down).

1. Glue (glue down)

– The cushion is given the primary liquid. Primary liquid aims to retain moisture, if the surface is wet, the glue will not be maximal and the moisture will enter the floor,

– After that, giving sikabond glue to attach a wooden parquet to a cushion pillow.

2. Plywood (nail down)

Parquet wood directly mounted on plywood by using nails. The significant difference between this type of installation with the glue down method is not adding the primary liquid

How to Care for Wood Flooring and Parquet Floors

caring for parquet flooring

How to care is fairly easy because there are many preventive ways so that wood floors and parquet floors can be durable, including:

1. Keep the floor moisture, if exposed to water immediately to dry it. Water that gets absorbed into a wooden or parquet floor makes the floor swell and break,

2. Using environmentally friendly mops because excess chemicals will damage the coating,

3. There must be protection on furniture that attaches directly to the floor such as tables, chairs, cabinets,

4. Move attached furniture directly to the floor by lifting instead of dragging it,

5. For maintenance after years of application, you can use a scrubber machine. The workings of this machine will spray liquid and there are soft brushes that directly clean the surface of the wooden floor or parquet floor.

6. If the coating has faded or the owner wants to change the color, the outer layer of the floor can be skinned and replaced with a new coating. The way the machine works is to remove the outer layer of the floor, then give a new coating according to taste. This can be a solution for you who want to get a new atmosphere or just change the concept of the interior at home.

Application of Hardwood Flooring and Parquet Floors

After getting to know 2 types of parquet, now is to know the application of wood floors and parquet floors in your home, including:

1. Interior Flooring

Interior flooring is the most widely used application of parquet flooring. Its application can be with a horizontal arrangement, even some fish fins that have been in the form of a mosaic parquet. Parquet Mosaic is a type of parquet that has a modulation of 60×60 cm or multiples that already have their arrangement.

Indoor flooring is applied in the living room, bedroom, restaurant, even the gym.

2. Decking

Decking is a wooden floor that is applied to the exterior. For decking we using merbau wood. These woods are resistant to termites making it suitable to be placed outdoors.

By using decking, making the room warm because of the nature of the wooden floor that can store heat during the day and then used to warm at night. The installation of decking uses screws. Its application is usually in swimming pools and terraces.

3. Trap Stairs

This wood used has a thickness of 3 mm, width 320 mm and a width that can be customized according to customer requests.

In addition to its application in interior flooring, decking and stair traps, wood and parquet can also be applied to ceilings, pergolas, facades, and lattices.

Those are some types and differences between wood floors and parquet floors. Are you interested in implementing it in your home? For maximum results, you can find thousands of other inspirational and trusted interior designs at Blueprint. Enjoy exploring to decorate your home!