solid wood flooring

When you and your partner plan a wedding besides planning about having a baby, you also plan to have your own home, vehicle, investment and others. This seems like an exaggeration, indeed, but if you plan carefully, nothing seems impossible. Do you agree?

When you have begun to achieve your plans one by one, and you are blessed with a baby, let’s talk about home. Owning your own home is ideal for everyone. When you have a home, you will think of having a special room for you and your partner, as well as a special room for your child.

A comfortable home is a home that you create yourself. If you are a typical person who thinks about aesthetics, you will also think about every detail of the house you will inhabit. Just mention the floor. Some choose to use solid wood flooring, some choose to use ceramic floors. It depends on taste.

However, let’s discuss solid wood flooring. Choosing solid wood flooring is not the wrong choice. Take it easy! This is beneficial for those of you who have children or who are in their teens. Solid wood floors will give the impression of luxury, warm, intimate and family to your home.

Do you already know what are the advantages of solid wood flooring?

In the following discussion, it might interest you to contact a wood flooring company to buy solid wood flooring for your home.

Various Variants.

The first advantage is, this solid wood flooring has a wide variety.

As information material for you, the main ingredient of this solid wood flooring is composed of pieces of wood which are installed together. Because it consists of pieces or pieces of wood that makes it look different from ordinary wooden boards, both in terms of angle and its decorative.

How not, wood flooring companies will carefully and integrate wood types to be able to create solid wood floors with amazing designs.

Call it a wood flooring company like PT. Jati Luhur Agung. This wood flooring company provides a variety of solid wood flooring designs that can be tailored to your needs and desires.

Easy Maintenance

It could be said if caring for and cleaning solid wood floors is relatively very easy. Solid wood flooring is an alternative solution for those of you who want a home that has minimal maintenance. Solid wood floors will still give the impression of clean and neat. Solid wood floors do not require maintenance that can make you bother and overwhelmed. Just like an ordinary floor, you can still mop and sweep.

To look like new, you can buy a solid wood floor polish to make it look more shiny and cleaner. Consult the nearest hardwood flooring company that you can reach such as PT. Jati Luhur Agung regarding further care of wood floors.

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Strong and durable

The characteristics of solid wood floors are fairly durable, strong and durable. In general, wood floors have high durability and withstand all the activities that exist at home.

If you have children who are under five, there will be a phase where they like to throw any items on the floor. You don’t need to panic about the effect your solid wood flooring will have. By seeing these characteristics, your wooden floor will remain safe and durable.

Non-allergenic material

If you have certain allergies such as dust, pollen, animal hair or insects, solid wood flooring can be a consideration for those of you who have these allergic problems.

Because maintenance is easy and also easy to clean this is why solid wood flooring is a non-allergenic material. Solid wood flooring has a glossy finish and is easy to clean at any time.

Long term investment

Solid wood flooring will radiate a luxurious impression to your home even though your house has a minimalist design. But do you know that wooden floors are also a long-term investment?

Not only does it increase the aesthetic value of your home, but solid wood floors can also increase the selling power of your property or home. Interesting right?

If one day you want to have a new home, you will not worry about the value of your old home. The selling price will be much higher than the price when you first buy.

Those are some of the benefits that you will get by using solid wood floors. Getting interested in using solid wood flooring for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact a wood flooring company that you trust. PT. Jati Luhur Agung is one of the wood flooring companies that will be happy to help you to provide solid wood flooring solutions that suit your needs and desires.