acacia solid wood

Acacia solid wood is one type of wood that is increasingly popular as a raw material for furniture. Besides furniture, this material has also been widely used as a raw material for flooring and decking. This function was not originally owned by acacia which used to be used more often in the paper-making industry. The change in function is not without cause. The community began to find an acacia character match with the needs of furniture and wood floor material.

Acacia is a type of wood that grows in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. This is hardwood, so it is suitable for wood, logs, and for other types of sturdy furniture such as chairs, tables, and flooring.

Difference between Acacia and Teak Wood

Acacia wood with teak wood has a striking difference that is in the wood fiber, if teak has fine and beautiful fiber, the acacia wood has rough wood fiber with a direction of fiber that is not in the same direction. Acacia solid wood has a wood color that is similar to the color of teak wood and looks like a teak wood so that many furniture craftsmen are interested in using acacia wood as an alternative wood for teak wood which is difficult to obtain.

Acacia wood is classified as hardwood with very heavy weights and weight and hardness of acacia wood in excess of teak wood. this causes acacia wood to be difficult to engrave, most of the workers engrave objection to the carving activities on acacia wood with the consideration of acacia wood hardness causing the carving tools or the tip of their engraving knife is easy to blunt and even broken. Soon they prefer to carve teak wood.

Main Characteristic of Acacia Solid Wood

  1. Acacia wood has a combination of white and brown colors that are visible on each wooden circle.
  2. Acacia wood has a fairly heavy mass and a harder texture when compared to other wood species.
  3. Acacia wood has an unpleasant smell like the smell of urine.
  4. Acacia wood can withstand the attack of several bugs because of the level of hardness and smell that moths don’t like.
  5. Acacia wood can be easily formed even though it has a hard shape.
  6. Acacia wood is not resistant to weather influences and cannot come into direct contact with soil, water, and humid temperatures.

What is the specialty of this wood?

Acacia solid wood is known for its durability, and the resistance from water and scratches, unlike some other woods that show scratches more obviously. This specialty becomes key selling points on these products.

The installation is easy during the engineering process and the results are quite smooth and good. The binding capacity to screws and nails is also very good. But you must be careful about the small thickness because Acacia is easily broken. The penetration of glue into wood is also very good.

What is the main color of Acacia Solid Wood?

The natural color of this acacia solid is from light brown to greenish brown. This kind of wood will be great to install in the kitchen or bathroom.  

How to maintenance this wood?

Acacia including in durable wood grade 3, is quite resistant to weather and normal conditions but will be easily attacked by fungi and insects when placed in outdoor conditions that are too wet. Not good for the use which is directly placed on the ground.

To make sure you have long term durability of this flooring, it will need some attention while cleaning. Please make sure you don’t soak the floor with too much water. The medium water temperature is fine, but either too cold or hot temperature water will make the wood brittle.