acacia solid wood

Have you ever seen acacia solid wood? Acacia is one type of wood produced from acacia trees. Acacia trees are a type of tree native to North America. Acacia trees are planted on the edge of the road because they have leaves that can make the way shady. At this time, we may rarely see acacia trees because acacia trees are replacing with other tree species as shade trees. Stems from acacia trees are more fragile so that they can endanger road users.

Acacia wood is including in one type of wood that has a high sale value. Currently, the position of acacia wood in the world of household furniture is under teak. Acacia wood can be forming into a variety of furniture or flooring.

This following are some of the benefits of acacia wood.

  1. Acacia wood can be used to make flooring, especially for the floor that is placing on the inside of the house. Acacia wood cannot be used for exterior furniture because it is not resistant to light and water.
  2. Acacia wood can be used to form a variety of home decorations. Some unique objects and furniture easily form from acacia wood. Although wood has a hard character, it is easy to shape.
  3. Acacia wood can be obtained into a mixture of perfume ingredients. Although basically, acacia wood has a smell like urine, it can be processed into one perfume mixture. The process of refining perfume from acacia wood can be done with a mix of several other wood materials.
  4. Acacia wood can be used as decoration. Some types of acacia wood that have been left petrified can be turned into ornamental plants such as bonsai.
  5. Acacia wood can also be used as medicine. Acacia wood contains tannin, which can be as astringent. This substance will be used to treat several types of diseases, such as sexual disorders for men, rabies, and normalize blood sugar levels.
  6. Acacia trees can also be used as road shades and prevent landslides. The characteristics of acacia trees that are resistant to hot and dry temperatures are suitable for protecting the contours of the soil in hilly areas. However, old acacia trees are usually more fragile and must be cut down quickly.
  7. Acacia wood can be used as material for home construction. In some areas in Indonesia, acacia wood is cut into various forms of house construction. Acacia wood is indeed very hard, and the smell is not liked by moths because it is widely preferred as a house material.
  8. Acacia trees can grow in vulnerable areas such as slopes, so acacia trees can be useful to prevent floods and landslides.
  9. Wood from acacia trees can also be used to make paper fibers. Paper fibers are widely used to make paper packaging materials, cardboard, and a staple for the industry that uses paper.
  10. Acacia trees can improve the ecological balance so that they can improve soil structure, especially for vulnerable areas such as hills and mountains.

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The benefits of acacia wood taken from acacia trees are very broad indeed. Acacia wood is widely used to make various types of furniture. But taking natural resources in the form of timber must also pay attention to environmental balance.

The process of replanting acacia trees is needed to maintain ecological balance. So, replanting of acacia trees is require in order to protect the genetic damage even though the development of acacia trees can be done quickly.