wood flooring in kitchen

Can I Use Engineered Wood Flooring in the Kitchen?

Can I use engineered wood flooring in the kitchen? It depends on the quality of the wood used. Engineered wood flooring belongs to an ideal option for you who want to bring the warmth & natural quality of real wood in to your kitchen. Due to its unique composition, engineered wood flooring is durable to withstand a high volume of traffic and high levels of moisture & humidity. You can…

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engineered wood floors for kitchen

Engineered Wood Floors for Modern Kitchen Design

A lot of people want to use engineered wood floors for modern home since it is very popular. The reason might be because this flooring really gives a lot of benefits. Furthermore, engineered wood is a little bit different from solid flooring.  It is made from plywood which is very high quality as the core and topped with hardwood flooring. That is why, it is more affordable but also more…

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underlayment for solid hardwood flooring

Underlayment for Solid Hardwood Floor

Before you can install any hardwood flooring, you need to install underlayment first. Some people might say that it is optional, but actually it is very recommended to use one. So, most of the time underlayment for solid hardwood floor is required than not. Decide Whether Underlayment for Solid Hardwood Floor is Needed or Not If you still have some doubt in whether you need to install underlayment for solid…

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Install Solid Hardwood Floor

How to Install Solid Hardwood Floor?

Concrete subfloors are typically in the form of a solid concrete slab like a basement floor. A concrete slab makes for a durable, solid, hard, and smooth subfloor. Some flooring materials like stone & tile can be directly installed over concrete. However, most flooring materials (such as engineered & solid hardwood flooring) require an underlayment and/or moisture barrier. Even though concrete releases & is susceptible to moisture from the ground,…

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best wood for kitchen countertops 2022

3 Best Wood to Use for Countertops 2022

What is the best wood to use for countertops? Well, the kitchen countertop becomes a popular theme for discussion, especially when we are talking about kitchen decoration ideas and kitchen wood. We realize that today, there are many kinds of materials to be applied as a new kitchen countertop, such as granite, ceramic, and others. However, wood countertop still becomes people’s favorite.  Since the kitchen countertop plays an important role…

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