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differences between engineered and laminated wood

Know the Difference of Engineered and Laminate Wood for Flooring

What is Engineered Wood? Engineered wood flooring, also known as engineered wood composite, man-made hardwood, or engineered wood, comprises a range of composite wood products that are made by binding or joining the different strands together using either glue or metal glue. While bonding the individual strands together annealing takes place, resulting in the addition of moisture to the wood. This process is repeated a number of times until the…

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Wooden Flooring 101: Solid or Engineered Wood

Wood that is naturally all around and not doped in any way is referred to as Solid Wood. Wood species like oak, maple or walnut, species that are known for strength and beautiful natural color are mostly used as solid wood. The advantage of solid wood is its longevity. Solid wood is extremely durable and can be maintained either by sanding or polishing as many times over. Engineered wood on…

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engineered wood flooring indonesia

The Best Engineered Wood Flooring Vs The Real Thing

Are you looking for the best engineered wood flooring? If you've been considering getting solid hardwood flooring installed in your house (or even if you're considering building a new house), there are a few things that you will need to know. Many folks who choose to find solid wood floors install them themselves. It's simple, affordable, and it can be very impressive when it comes to the final product. However,…

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