Sports flooring has an important role in any player’s game. A hard, wooden sports flooring is very important for the sportsmen’s athletic performance. Besides that, it can be an essential factor to improve their game. Therefore, we can say that flooring material will impact the success of the court so that it is used for both outdoor and indoor games.

Required Factors for Wooden Sports Flooring

Sports flooring manufacturers recommend a maple wood flooring for the game. According to the players, the wooden court must be shock-resistant and ensure proper bounce during the game. In fact, the use of a high-quality raw material will ensure the players on the court have minimal to accidents & can move flexibly. It means, it offers a great comfort level in the game.

In addition, badminton wooden court flooring manufacturers also emphasize the need of a high-quality wooden flooring because it will reduce the risk of injuries or soreness in the players. Of course, it is a key factor in any kind of game.

Then, the high shock absorption level in the ground will ensure there’s less fatigue in the players as well as enhance their ability to give their best. Furthermore, wooden sports floor manufacturers give focus on the type of wood used in constructing the game’s playground. This is a needed factor because the players need the floor’s help for ball to rebound in some games like basketball.

Moreover, other key feature performances that relate to wooden flooring include area deflection, vertical deflection, and surface friction.

Why Does a Good Wooden Sports Flooring Belong to a Prime Necessity?

You have to design a court to meet the international standard to give a perfect experience to all players. Besides that, you need to maintain and take care for the court for squash, badminton, and any other sports regularly. It aims to ensure that there’s maximum durability & sustainability of the floor.

Usually, the sports complex provider looks for cost-effective solutions as well as want to ensure that his arena has the best-quality wooden floor to attract maximum players. A good sports ground should have mouth publicity of the sports arena and trigger the interested people to take participation in sports.

Benefits of Wooden Sports Flooring

If you are wondering what benefits wood flooring can provide, we will list some advantages in selecting wood as a main surface for a sports court.

Shock Absorption

Unlike asphalt or concrete, wood flooring provides shock absorption and this is very crucial for an athlete who impacts a surface. This shock absorption helps reduce injuries for athletes as it can divert enough force to the floor vs the joints & ligaments of the athletes.

Ball Bounce

This is the response measurement after reflecting a ball on a wood flooring system compared to other floors like concrete. Because the wooden sports flooring is equal to concrete in the amount of measured rebound, it gives the wood flooring a 100-percent bounce rating compared to concrete.

Easy Maintenance

You have to know that wood floor is easy to maintain. Besides that, it requires little upkeep after installation. You need to dust mop your wooden floor on a daily basis in order to remove debris from its surface. In addition, dust mopping ensures nothing clings to the floor’s surface.


Since you can resurface wood flooring, you can get creative & change the floor paint’s layout when the floor needs for refinishing. It looks aesthetically pleasing and provides a chance to have a like-new floor. Usually, you will need to refinish wood flooring every 10 to 15 years.


Wood flooring surface delivers a uniform level playing surface for basketball players, badminton players, or other athletes. Then, non-uniform flooring can force the muscles of the athletes to adapt constantly to sudden changes in the floor surface. As a result, this will not only increase energy consumption but also fatigue.

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Tips for Wood Sports Flooring General Care

Since the areas in the Southeastern US is humid enough, it can be bad for wood flooring. We all know that humidity relatively varies so that wood flooring can expand & contract. Even though the changes are mostly unnoticeable, sometimes drastic changes occur. 

The moisture content recommended for your wood flooring depends on your geographical region. However, you will usually want to aim for a 15-percent fluctuation between the highest & lowest average of indoor relative humidity. It will be helpful to limit growth & shrinkage.

In relation sports hall flooring material in the US, you may often separation between flooring boards during the low humidity in the winter. Usually, this will correct itself during the peak humidity in the summer.

Even though moderate expansion and shrinkage is normal, you have to utilize HVAC system for preventing excessive shrinkage & tightening of the wood floor.

How to Protect Wooden Sports Flooring

To protect your wooden floor from damage caused by grit and water, make sure that you always take active measures. Using floor mats at all doorways is one of the examples. Besides that, you have to frequently check underneath the mats to ensure that there is no moisture trapped.

Then, you should also insult ductwork, downspouts, and interior drains to prevent moisture of condensation from reaching your floor. We all know that moisture will danger wood floor. Therefore, if you notice any excessive moisture or leaks, you must immediately call your flooring contractor to find out what happens and fix it.

In addition, you should never put any kind of tape on a finished wood flooring because it can take the finish with it when pulling off the tape. Moreover, you must never shut off the ventilating system for more than brief periods.

Furthermore, you can never use a household cleaning product on the wood flooring. Trying to repair your wood floor without consulting your contractor first is also not allowed.  If you need more information about it,  you can also contact Jati Luhur Agung or visit And one more thing, make sure that you don’t ever use an auto-scrubber on the wooden sports flooring because it can introduce moisture to the woods. 

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