Wood is a material that has been used as a flooring option for a long time. It has different characteristics from the different flooring materials, like carpet, tile, or vinyl. The differences also become the reason why wood is applied. Of course, wooden flooring could be found in many appliances, including the wood sports floor.

Something that you need to know about the wooden flooring idea is this flooring material isn’t just interesting in its nature visualization. Apart from the unique patterns, inimitable colors, and uniqueness, wood also has high durability and is easy to maintain. 

On this occasion, we will talk about the use of wood for the sports floor, including the best types to use and the advantages. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below. 

The Wood Sports Flooring 

The wooden flooring is used in some kinds of indoor sports, including basketball, volleyball, gym, dance flooring, badminton, and others. This flooring idea is applied because it has a better surface than rubber or concrete, especially for basketball. Then, it also provides a better bouncing of the ball. 

Some experts said that playing on solid wood surfaces also helps athletes to avoid kinds of injury. For example, when a basketball player lands after a high jump for the ball or falls, this kind of sports flooring will absorb the force. 

The Appliances of Wood Flooring for Sports

As we have said before, the ideas of wood floorings are applied to create a high-quality field for some sports. Some sports that use wooden flooring ideas are:


Volleyball is a popular sport for both men and women. It is a quick-paced sport that requires judging ability, fast reflexes, and swift agility movements, such as diving and jumping. The wooden flooring concept for this sport is like basketball. The use of wooden flooring will reduce the impact on joints when the players are jumping. 

Regarding the use of wooden flooring, the Official Volleyball Rules approved that the fields should be made from wooden and synthetic. 


Wood sports flooring is also applied for badminton. This flooring idea is argued as one of the best choices to apply since the badminton court needs an elastic floor surface. 

The BWF or Word Badminton Federation mentioned that it is nice to combine the use of a wooden sprung floor with the approved non-slip court mats.

At least, those two points show that wood becomes one of the best options to build the floor for the sports field. Besides volleyball and badminton, the wooden flooring idea is also applied to different sports, such as futsal, handball, squash, and track cycling.  The wooden floorings also could be found in different places. For example, it is applied in dance studios, yoga centers, auditoriums, and others.

Type of Wood Sports Floor

If you look for some wooden flooring ideas, you will find that there are some different woods applied to create high-quality flooring. However, some different woods are available as the most popular option to consider.

The kinds of best woods to be applied for sports floor are:

Maple wood flooring

Maple becomes the most common wood sports floor that is applied by professionals. The use of maple is quite reasonable since this kind of wood is durable and also sturdy. On another hand, maple is also nice since it could take loads –the matter that is ideal for basketball and gym. 

However, maple still has some cons or disadvantages to consider. Some experts said that maple needs higher maintenance to keep its good condition. Then, this wooden flooring idea is also less versatile. 

Vinyl wood flooring

Besides the use of maple, vinyl also becomes another wooden flooring option to be applied in sports. This wooden concept could be said as the alternative to maple. 

Vinyl is applied because it has similar strength and durability to maple. On another hand, this wood flooring idea also has optimal comfort and safety. Then, vinyl is more versatile than maple. That is why this wooden flooring idea could be applied to different sports.

Pad and pour polyurethane flooring

The next wood option for sports flooring is the pad and pour polyurethane flooring idea. You need to know that the pad and pour polyurethane is another durable and strong wooden flooring that could be applied for different sports. Majorly, the use of this wood could be found in basketball courts or the indoor area. 

The pad and pour polyurethane is not only strong. It has a good safety level and high durability. Then, this wooden flooring idea will increase the comforting sense when the players are playing on the fields. 

Teak wood flooring 

Teak wood also becomes another kind of wood that could be applied to build high-quality fields. The origin of this wood is the teak tree that is found in South East Asia, and Central and South America. 

In common, teak wood is applied in both badminton and squash courts. This wood is special since it is smooth and unhindered by the movements of the players.

From those points, we may see that substantively some woods are available to be applied for sports flooring. If you need the kinds of wood to make or renew the sports facilities, we provide different best woods to consider. You could contact us, Jati Luhur Agung jla.co.id to choose the best woods, as you want.

Why Choosing Wood Flooring in Sports

We realize that many flooring ideas could be applied in sports. However, wooden flooring could be considered the best option because of some reasons, such as:

  • The wood flooring will provide a uniform surface 
  • It provides high stability underfoot
  • The idea of wooden flooring in sports delivers best visual, playing, and audible experience, especially in handball and basketball 
  • Engineered wooden flooring will absorb the shock when the players hit the ground 

Well, that is all about the wood sports floor that you need to know. With its advantages and kinds of wood to consider, you could find the best flooring ideas for sports. However, to get the best result in applying this flooring idea, do not forget to learn how to install it.

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