Considering the best material for sports flooring is a crucial matter to think of. It is quite reasonable since the flooring materials will influence the condition of the field and its durability. Well, the solid sports floor becomes the most common idea to be applied. 

You need to know that wood –which becomes a part of the solid flooring idea, has been used as a flooring material for years, including for sports. We know that some other materials are also available and could be considered to renew the sports flooring. The flooring materials like tile and vinyl are often to be applied as sports flooring materials but wooden flooring still becomes the favorite.

Wood sports flooring is chosen not only because its visual matters. Besides its uniqueness, wooden flooring is strong, durable, and quite easy to maintain. On another hand, the wooden flooring for sport is better since it is also shock-absorbing. 

Now, let us talk about some important matters about a wooden sports floor, which could be chosen as the best material. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all. 

Wood Sports Flooring Idea

The wooden flooring idea was applied in some different sports, including basketball, gym, volleyball, badminton, and dance flooring. The basic reason is that wooden flooring provides a better surface than both rubber and concrete flooring idea. 

Doing some sports activities on solid wood surfaces will help the athlete free from injury. On another hand, the solid wood flooring is also nice to keep the high stability of player’s movement, so they could perform maximally and efficiently.

However, the wooden flooring for sports also should be installed well. That is why during the installation period, the management needs to check the international standards and apply them to guarantee the installation result.

Types of Wood Sports Flooring to Consider

When we are talking about the wooden flooring ideas, some different woods are available to be chosen in building the new court flooring. Of course, every wood has its unique characteristics as the basic consideration.

Some ideas for the solid sports floor that are popular to use are:

Maple wood flooring

Maple becomes one of the most popular wooden flooring ideas to be applied in sports. This wood is chosen since it is durable and sturdy. Some experts said that maple is nice to be applied in different court sports, such as basketball or gym. 

The unique appearance of this wood becomes another pro to get. However, maple for sports flooring still has disadvantages. It is because this wood needs high maintenance and this wood is also less versatile.

Vinyl flooring

Another popular option of wood flooring idea for sports is vinyl flooring. It is the alternative to maple in building the best flooring for the sports court. 

Vinyl flooring is very interesting since it is also durable and strong –just like the characteristics of maple. On another hand, vinyl also delivers optimal safety and comfort. Then, some experts also said that vinyl is more versatile than maple. It means that this wood could be applied for some different sports. 

Pad and pour polyurethane flooring

The pad and pour polyurethane flooring is another popular wood that is applied on sports courts. This idea of wooden flooring is very nice since it is durable and strong. Majorly, this kind of wood is applied in indoor arenas and basketball courts. 

Something that you need to know, the pad and pour polyurethane flooring idea could withstand the harshest treatment. On this matter, experts said that this wooden idea is nice to be applied for sports flooring, especially with the high traffic.

Teak wood

Teak wood is the kind of wood produced from Teak trees. This tree is commonly found in several places in South East Asia, Central America, and South America. In sports, badminton courts and squash courts are the places that often used this wooden flooring idea.

Many experts said that teak wood is nice for flooring. This wood flooring idea provides smooth and unhindered movement to the athletes. Of course, with its characteristics, the athlete could show their best performance without worrying about the risk of injury.

Well, some points above show that some woods are available to be applied in sports flooring ideas. Each wood has different and unique characteristics. That is why you need to consider and try to know the detailed each wood’s characteristics before choosing the best one. 

When you are interested in using wood flooring for sports or home needs, you could see the catalog of Jati Luhur Agung. We have some options for wooden flooring ideas to consider. Contact us and you will get the best offer at an interesting price. 

Advantages Using Wood Flooring in Sports

As we have said before, wood flooring is one of the most popular options applied in sports courts. Some experts said that wood has some advantages when it is used in sports floorin. The basic advantages are:

• When it is applied to sports courts, wood flooring will provide a uniform surface. Of course, in the result, the athlete could deliver their best performance 

• The wooden flooring ideas will provide high stability underfoot. This matter will decrease the risk of injury by the athlete 

• In sports, the wooden flooring will provide the best visual, playing, and audible experience. 

• The engineered wooden flooring will absorb the shock when the athlete hits the ground. Then, it will direct it back to the joints

• Wooden flooring idea for sports is skid and slip resistant. Of course, with its characteristic, this flooring idea will help the athlete to reach their best performance 

• When the wooden flooring is well maintained, it will deliver better durability and the wooden flooring idea could be used for years. 

Well, that is all about the solid sports floor that you need to know. As one of the favorite solid flooring option, the wooden flooring idea could be chosen. Of course, you need to consider some wood options to be applied based on the kinds of sports. This consideration is very helpful to help you get the best wood flooring idea. 

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