exotic material red balau decking

Exotic Material Red Balau Decking for Your Backyard

Transforming your backyard into a captivating retreat is easy with the exotic allure of Red Balau decking. Native to Southeast Asia, Red Balau, also known as Batu wood, is a tropical hardwood celebrated for its rich color, remarkable durability, and natural resistance to the elements. Its deep reddish-brown to mahogany hues bring warmth and sophistication to any outdoor space, while its fine grain and smooth texture add a touch of…

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batu decking can survive up to 30 years

Batu Decking: Wood Material Can Survive up to 30 Years More

When we talk about outdoor decking, one wood species that stands out for its quality is Batu, also known as Red Balau. This wood comes from the tropical hardwood species Shorea guiso and is known for its durability, as well as the natural beauty that makes it a preferred choice by homeowners and designers. About Batu Decking Batu decking, often referred to as Red Balau, is a prized hardwood choice…

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How Do We Protect Our Engineered Hardwood Floor Step by Step? This Is the Guide

Engineered wood floor belongs to the most popular floor coverings. It combines the luxury of solid wood floor with improved performance. People often concern about maintaining, caring, or even protecting it. Therefore, this article will discuss it further here. What to Consider for Keeping an Engineered Wood Floor If you want to keep your engineered wood flooring fantastic, you need to consider a few important things. They are site conditions,…

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