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When people hear about flooring wood, they often associate it with high end, high-maintenance flooring wood choices. In most cases, that’s true. But in actuality, there are many types of flooring wood to choose from and many are more affordable than you may think. 

There is no doubt that choosing the best one for your home is a really important decision and a great place to start when you are trying to redecorate.

Wood Flooring Type

wood flooring type

Red Oak

One of the most popular options is red oak flooring wood. Red oak has a reddish-brown color that is close to brown. The reddish-brown color varies across the tree and not necessarily in every plank. This variation gives each planks its unique grain pattern that adds character to your residence.


Another choice is red maple flooring wood. Maple has a softwood grain that’s straight, similar to oak, but it does have a red-brown color that some people find quite attractive. The red color can be very striking and comes in various variations throughout the tree. Alder has a similarly fine and straight grain that goes almost entirely across its surface, making it another popular option for flooring wood.

White Oak

The third choice for people that like the look of red oak, white oak, is also highly popular. Its texture is near red oak, but white oak has a slightly straighter grain that goes mostly throughout its surface. This makes it a good option for staining or coloring. It has a very high natural hardness, making it perfect for flooring wood material that needs to withstand heavy foot traffic.

The previous flooring wood mentioned is basswood. This is a dense hardwood that has straight grain patterns that run the entire length of its plank. Basswood is used in the interlocking floor system that is becoming more prevalent in many modern buildings. 

It is highly desirable because it has a natural resistance to water, which is especially helpful in coastal areas where salt water is present. The pre-finished and site-finished versions have almost the same hardness as basswood, which makes it an ideal option.

With all the main types of hardwood flooring wood available, you should be able to find something that will meet your specifications. If you have a specific color in your mind or you just want something with a specific grain pattern, be sure you ask the installer what he recommends. He will be glad to help! In the end, choosing the perfect flooring wood material will not just provide you with a comfortable new floor, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Flooring Wood Factory – Remodeling Your Kitchen

wood countertops for kitchen

When you go to the Flooring Wood Factory, you get a great deal of what the place is all about. The first thing that you will find out is that it is owned and run by Donald Trump. Who happens to be among the most successful businessmen around today. 

When you walk in, you will find a large. Very modern room with very high ceilings and exposed ductwork. Inside, there are lots of different rooms where you can take in the sights and sounds of the business. These rooms are always full of people enjoying themselves as they operate.

If you’re considering wood flooring, then you may also like the variety of woodworking projects the Flooring Wood Factory will offer you. Their wood countertops come in several different designs, with many being completely custom. Some of the more popular designs include those that are covered with hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and beech. They also have a wide range of wood-like products, like bookshelves, chairs, and benchtops.

Of course, not everything in the Flooring Wood Factory is wood, and not everything is wood countertops either. There is a lot of interesting things in this giant showroom. Including things such as steel furniture, metal art, and old-fashioned toys. Many of the items are sold separately, but if you’re looking for something specific, such as an old-fashioned toy engine or a dollhouse, then you should have a look around. If you’re into hardwood flooring, then you may want to find out what else they have available.

While the Flooring Wood Factory has a lot to offer, it is obvious that their main product is wood countertops. Their countertops can be used on practically any floor, although the ones that are designed specifically for kitchen use are extremely beautiful. 

These gorgeous wooden tops may be used for dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and baths. The wood countertops in the Flooring Wood Factory come in many different sorts and sizes, so finding one to meet your needs shouldn’t be an issue at all. You can get either modular or counter-tops, which will depend upon the size of your room.

If you require wood countertops for your kitchen, then the Flooring Wood Factory might have exactly what you’re looking for. Their wood drawer parts are incredibly durable, making them perfect for kitchen use. If you don’t want to buy new countertops, then the factory also sells a variety of wood stain and preservative kits. It is really up to you if you decide to go with the new stuff or the old. If you’re a bit more ambitious, then you may even think about building your custom wood countertops. Flooring Wood offers a large variety of do-it-yourself plans that you follow, so it ought to not be any trouble to create a gorgeous, unique piece of kitchen flooring.

If you are trying to decide between solid and laminate hardwood floors, then the Flooring Wood mill has some great news for you. While solid hardwood floors offer you the charm and warmth that wood flooring is famous for, laminate is an extremely affordable option, and it has a broad assortment of style choices also. 

Moreover, there are less expensive alternatives to solid hardwood flooring, such as bamboo. Whether you are considering bamboo, cork, linoleum, or any other type of alternative, the Flooring Wood Factory has something to fit your budget. So if you’re considering renovating your kitchen or adding a new floor to your house, then you may want to consider getting your kitchen flooring from the Flooring Wood Factory.

Flooring Wood Indonesia: A Brief Guide

wood parquet flooring by jati luhur agung

Flooring wood in Indonesia is relatively new material but has rapidly gained popularity, and has become a highly popular choice for both domestic and industrial applications. The wood flooring wood Indonesia comes from the heartwood of the teak tree which has long been known for its durability and strength in use for centuries by the foreign and local population alike. 

These unique timbers haven’t only been used in flooring constructions, and home furniture, and accessories. But in medication and other specialized industries too. The most sought after wood in Indonesia is the Teak hardwood, which comes in a wide assortment of tones and colors. Its natural oils and resins make it perfect for use on floors and walls nonetheless, the grain makes it slightly less durable than other woods such as pine and oak.

The grain of the wood makes it more vulnerable to scratches and other damage. Which are a normal occurrence in many types of wood. However, with good care, it can be extremely durable and hard-wearing. Making it an outstanding choice for both residential and commercial use. The ideal choice of wood for floors wood Indonesia would be people who are renowned for their resilience and endurance. 

These timbers are usually fully sapwood or possess the sapwood covered with veneer. Engineered hardwood flooring wood Indonesia is especially famous for its durability. Thanks to the existence of its resins and oils which help to make it extremely resistant to damage due to water, moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, and even insects. A single scratch can ruin whole planks of teak hardwood flooring timber.

It’s important to remember that when choosing your floors wood Indonesia, you must take into consideration factors including your budget, the size, and shape of the space, and needless to say, your personal preferences. By way of example, you might prefer a grain that is darker or opt for a sturdier design, though some people may not mind the bit of space that’s allowed for wooden flooring in Indonesia. 

For all these reasons, it is important to take into account your tastes before zeroing in on a particular choice. Even though you might not find exactly what you’re looking for, at least you will be able to decorate your house effectively using solid hardwood flooring from Indonesia.