engineered wood flooring

If you’re looking for a classy and cool interior design for your house, office, restaurant, or shop wood flooring is something you must know. Nowadays, wood flooring is known as the best option to make your place look smarter.

In case if you don’t know much about the wood flooring, keep reading.

In the year 2020, the latest trend on wood flooring is solid, engineered, and waterproof. Each type has a different texture and quality. You should know about each type before choosing.

Here in this article, we’ll get all the information about engineered wood flooring as this is gaining more popularity compared to the others.

Engineered wood flooring

engineered wood flooring

There have certain specialties of engineered wood that made it more popular than the others. Engineered hardwood is made with several layers of wood. Typically it’s seven layers, but it can also be anywhere from four or five to nine.

By looking at the surface, you can’t differentiate it from the other wood floors. The top layer can be the same. But for knowing the real type, you need to have a look at a cross-section.

Engineered wood is preferable because it’s not so high maintenance and contains long durability. The durability of the wooden floor depends on the thickness. The thickness of the engineered wood entirely is better than the solid one. It includes 8” to 3.4” of thickness.

Besides, solid wood may be the traditional one. But engineered wood flooring provides you with the budget-friendly option. It gives you the same look like the solid one. For bringing the natural look in the house, people are being attracted to wooden floor beauty more and more.

Another cause of being so popular is the installation process. This is quite an easy and unostentatious process to go through.

These are the reason for the engineered floor demand getting higher gradually. Now you may want to know about the installation process. No worries, you’re going to know about this too. Keep reading to learn more.

The installation process of engineered wood flooring

The installation of engineered wood flooring is quite facile. It’s that easy that you can install engineered to your place bt yourself. The best three methods among the other easy ways will be mentioned below here:

●     This first method is known as floating. This can be installed over your already existing floor easily. This is considered as the easiest above all.

●      There is also another easy way of installation that is the glue method. You just spread glue and quickly place the wood according to the rules.

●     The last one is the staple down method. This way provides more durability and stability.

These three different methods come with the same fantastic result. Choose any way you want and feel comfortable doing. And get an excellent interior to your place.

Engineered wood flooring factory

wood flooring company Indonesia

The article has already mentioned the popularity of manufactured wood. Now, we’ll explore the factory’s system of manufacturing Engineering wood floor.

Cross-layered multiple ply layers make this type of wooden flooring. Generally, they’re glued up for being together. The top surface can be designed in any way customers want them.

Engineered wood flooring Factories, these days are focusing more on the manufacturing of wooden floors because of their growing demand. However, not all engineered wood is the same. They vary according to the material differentiation. Some may think the 3.4” thick engineered wood floor will provide the same quality as a 3.4” solid wood does. Well, that’s not true. Factories manufacture all kinds of wood floors with different attributes. Which rate you’ll get will depend on your budget.

If you choose a good quality, then the lifespan can go like 20-30 years. But this also depends on how you maintain your flooring. There’s a matter of relief that, engineered wood floorings can be refinished for a maximum of 5 times. But this won’t be needed every year as they’re not high maintenance.

This is the reason for the growing popularity and demand for this flooring among the people.

Two methods of manufacturing engineered wood:

There have two methods of manufacturing that the engineered wood flooring factory use. We’ll exp[lain both here:

●     The first method is a dry swan face. In this method, the wood is cut with a saw blade. For better understanding, you can imagine a way of slicing bread. This method brings out the true natural beauty of the wood and gives a better finishing.

●     The second method needs a rotary blade. This method is more likely to describe as peeling a potato. In this method, they use big lathes and peel off the layer of veneer hardwood. This peeling method can come out as a little dramatic and graining.

Engineered wood flooring factory Indonesia

For high quality and experienced manufacturing, Indonesia is excellent. If you’re looking for the information on the best quality engineered wooden floor, you’re at the right placed. Here I’ll mention the best and well-rated factories in Indonesia:

PT. Jati Luhur Agung Indonesia

These are the best engineered wood flooring manufacturing factories In Indonesia. If you want to get more information about the companies, you can click on the company name, and it’ll directly take you to the manufacturing factory page.

Well, that was enough information to know about the engineered wooden floor. If you’re thinking of making anew place for you or giving a brand new look to your old place, you can try it. This wooden floor is never out of fashion. In Indonesia, people are using this for years. An engineered wood floor can be used in your home, office, or even in restaurants and shopping malls. As they have got the option of refurnishing, you don’t have to worry about the floor looking old and damaged.

Thank you for reading. Pass this article to your friends and family, who’re thinking of trying a wooden floor. This article may also help them.