solid hardwood flooring

To help you choose the best flooring to suit your tastes and needs, solid hardwood floor Indonesia highlights the characteristics of solid and engineered hardwood floors. Enough to make your job easier during your next renovations! solid hardwood floor should therefore last a little longer because it will withstand more sanding than engineered wood. Solid wood or engineered wood flooring? It all depends on how you plan to use it.

Features of solid hardwood floor Indonesia

2waves Solid wood flooring cannot be installed floating. It should be nailed or stapled to an existing wood subfloor, usually plywood.

Also, solid wood should not be installed on a floor below grade. Indeed, solid wood reacts more to changes in humidity. In the summer, if the basement is very wet, the wood can swell and crush its fibers laterally causing the planks to curl. In winter, in dry weather, spaces could appear between the boards.

Engineered wood flooring provides greater versatility. It can be nailed, fully glued, or installed floating (with adhesive on the tongue and in the groove). A floating floor offers important advantages:

– it is an economical solution for basements or condominiums

– placing it on an acoustic membrane, makes it possible to soundproof floors against the sound of foot impacts.

Choice of gasoline and grade

Aesthetics. When choosing a hardwood floor (hardwood), the selection of species and grade is first a matter of personal taste. All floors are hard enough to withstand normal residential use. Each species of wood and each grade of the same species will give your floor a different appearance. Generally speaking, lower grade woods will be just as hard but will be more uneven in their natural color and exhibit more visual characteristics such as knots and mineral concretions.

As previously mentioned all commercial hardwoods are generally sufficient for residential use. However, in busy places or if you have a very large dog, it may be worth choosing a species based on its hardness to be more resistant to claws or small rocks that sometimes get stuck under shoes.

Choice of color: natural or tinted?

In general, choose a natural shade. Natural shades don’t go out of style so you don’t have to re-stain it to match your new furniture or wall color.

However, if you are looking for a particular shade and none of the common colors are exactly what you are looking for, flooring manufacturers will be able to match the color you desire. If you then wish to return to the original color, the floor can always be sanded afterward.

Choose the width of the boards

4spaces The width of the boards (slats) can be determined for aesthetic and practical considerations.

In a small room, you may prefer narrow slats. They have the advantage of shrinking less across the width during major changes in humidity. They also have a more traditional appearance.

In a large room with a modern or contemporary feel, the wider planks offer a more luxurious and streamlined appearance. In general, I do not recommend using solid wood planks larger than 3 ¼ ”to avoid the appearance of unsightly spaces between the boards.

Glossy, satin, or matte finish?

The gloss finish has not been used much since the late 1990s. Consumers prefer the more natural look of semi-gloss, satin, or matte finishes.

The luster does not affect the strength of the protective varnish. However, scratches will be more noticeable on glossy finishes.

A semi-gloss finish reflects about 50% of the light it receives while a satin finish reflects about 30% of the light and a matte finish less than 10%.

The wood species and the color do not have an impact on the level of gloss recommended for your floor.

The characteristics of wood floors

Here are some elements that can help you choose your flooring wood.

Flooring wood is available in different species: maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, ash, and walnut. These essences are all-natural and aesthetic. They highlight the strength and richness of the wood.

Species have a different density (density) depending on their family and growth rate. Floors with a higher density are heavier and more solid, therefore more resistant.

This is a reference that allows us to classify wooden planks according to certain characteristics

The variation of the natural coloring:

Whether you prefer the uniqueness of the grain and knots of the wood, you will find what you need!

The average length of the boards:

Longer planks provide a chic look and are easier to install.

For example, a Select and Better grade will have a uniform color, no knots, and a longer average board length. A grade 2 or 3 will have more coloring and knots, as well as a shorter board length.

The width of the boards

The wooden planks have several widths. For an effect of size, it is recommended to use wider boards. Narrow boards are more classic, because of their timeless look.

Trends in solid hardwood floor Indonesia

Highlighting the natural color of the wood is popular, in addition to being a wise choice for its timelessness. In this case, the luster is low.

While some emphasize the magnificence of wood, others want more to personalize their living spaces. By choosing less traditional colors, you bring depth and authenticity to your decor.

The importance of a quality flooring wood

Wood floors are an informed investment. A quality floor is durable, elegant and contributes to the quality of life in your home.

Choosing a quality manufacturer ensures a better selection of wood planks (length, color, and species), a better design of the product that will facilitate its installation, as well as a better warranty.

Solid hardwood floor Indonesia is a product of choice for any environment where heat and humidity can become a problem for a solid hardwood floor. Whether in a basement or in a condo, it will be installed “floating” or “glued”. Engineered wood planks are generally wider. This type of wood can also be used on a heated floor.