Since flooring becomes an important matter of home decoration –it influences the appearance of room décor, choosing the right flooring idea is a must. If you want to have a long-lasting floor material, which is interesting with its classic look, you may consider engineered wood flooring as your favorite. 

Are you familiar with the engineered wood for flooring idea?

Well, engineered wood is an interesting flooring material. It offers the beauty of solid wood and the durability of the laminate flooring idea. This combination becomes the consideration of some people why they finally choose the engineered wood.

On this occasion, we will talk about the engineered wood for flooring idea, which could be a nice flooring option to be applied. For those who are interested in this matter, please read the following writings below.

What is An Engineered Wood Flooring?

Before applying the engineered wood as the flooring idea, you should what this flooring idea is. Unlike solid wood, engineered wood is manufactured. On the top surface, it has a layer made from solid wood. Then, below the surface, some multilayers exist and it is created using plywood. 

If we see at their thickness, the kinds of engineered wood planks have different sizes. Some options are available in 6.35 mm thickness and other has up to 19 mm thickness. Of course, the different thicknesses could be the basic consideration before you choose your favorite flooring idea.

On another hand, the different thicknesses of engineered wood also could be a helper to find the best flooring idea based on the room that you want to decorate. However, it also influences the price of the flooring idea. 

As we have said before, the engineered wood for flooring idea is only an option from the different flooring ideas. However, this flooring concept is very interesting, especially with its pros and advantages.

Here, we will show you some pros of this flooring idea, which could be the reason why you choose this flooring concept instead of the different ideas. 

The price could be lower

Price always becomes an issue when people want to choose the flooring idea. We know that the price of the flooring concept will influence the room decoration budget. 

Well, if you want to have a good flooring idea with an interesting appearance and reliable price, the engineered wood flooring concept is a good idea to choose from. This flooring idea is maybe more expensive than the laminate flooring idea. However, it is cheaper than traditional hardwood planks. 

It has a stylish appearance

Do you want to have an interesting room with a stylish appearance? Well, renewing the flooring concept and applying engineered wood for the flooring idea is a good option to consider.

This flooring idea is nice since it has a similar appearance to traditional hardwood flooring. On another hand, you also will find the different finishes and surfaces of the engineered wood at manufacture. It means that you have more chances to find the best flooring idea with different designs

Engineered wood has greater temperature resistance

Another interesting matter of engineered wood as the flooring idea is it has greater temperature resistance. Since it is formed from a combination of woods, this flooring idea has more advantages. It is more resisant to moisture and temperature changes. On another hand, engineered wood is also suitable for water-fed underfloor heating. 

With some advantages and pros above, engineered wood flooring is an excellent idea to choose when you want to renew the flooring concept at home. In addition, this flooring idea is also very interesting since it could add value to your home. After applying this flooring concept, we are sure that the appearance of your room will be more beautiful.

How about the cons of this flooring idea?

Although engineered wood for flooring idea has some pros and advantages to enjoy, it still has some cons to remember. The cons of this flooring idea could be a matter to consider and know that it is not perfect. 

Some cons of this flooring idea to know are:

There is a maintenance issue with the engineered wood appliance. This flooring idea needs regular maintenance to make sure that its condition is always better. Sometimes, doing regular maintenance will be hard for some people. 

2. It has a low-quality core

Another con of engineered wood for flooring idea is the low-quality core. Remember, this flooring idea is made with different materials. We mentioned before that it is created using hardwood for the surface and plywood for the layers. 

Engineered wood is made from processed layers and it used wood glued together. Then, on the surface of this flooring idea, used planks. It means, this flooring idea is not strong as it is seen. However, the strength of the engineered wood depends on the detailed used materials and the quality of the manufacturer. 

Besides the two matters above, engineered wood for the flooring idea also has limited time to refinish. It means that you may do some refinishes to renew its appearance. However, when the time is coming, you need to change the whole flooring.

Tips to Maintain

Doing the maintenance is an important matter to keep the engineered wood flooring idea looks good. The maintenance also could be a way to lengthen the period of flooring usage.

Well, to maintain the engineered wood for the flooring idea, you may do some matters, such as:

• Cleaning up any spills immediately, since the puddle of water of liquid could damage the surface of the wood flooring 

• Sweep the surface of the wood flooring daily. It is the simplest way to maintain and it is effective to eliminate the dust 

• Use vacuum cleaner to do a deeper cleaning. However, you need to be careful in using it since the vacuum cleaner could cause scratches 

With its advantages and interesting surface, this flooring idea will provide a new atmosphere in your room. You may check the catalogs of Jati Luhur Agung to see the kinds of engineered wood flooring ideas with different designs. Call us to get the best offers!

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