5 Types of Wood Cutting Boards

The wood cutting board information is updated recently to provide you with the test-based products.

The types in our list include the custom wood cutting board and the most favorable options that everyone can considered. 

When it comes to look for what wood cutting board you are going to pick up, think about a flat and sturdy surface for ingredients preparation while also preventing the counters from being scratched. Some cutting boards serve double functions that are for cutting and chopping and as a serving tray as well, or even as a plate when we are lazy to pick up the right utensil. 

Wood cutting boards come in many different sizes ranging from the small one to cut the lime for garnish to a large enough to manage the perfect roast turkey. They do come in a wide variety of thickness from a heavy-duty which is up to three inches to a barely a millimeter only. 

Here are our top picks of taste-based wood cutting board you may want to consider purchasing.

2-Piece Cutting Board Set with Good Grips

2-Piece Cutting Board Set with Good Grips

People love this 2-piece cutting board set as it is slim and lightweight. It is designed with nonslip grips to prevent the board from being shifted while in use. For years, OXO cutting boards has become a favorite options to work a variety of foods, from the raw chicken and meat to a fresh fruit and veggies as it is made of an easy-to-wash plastic that is also dishwater safe. 

As mentioned, the 2-piece cutting board set is slim and lightweight, making it easy to clean up – this is the most important consideration that most people take. 

Based on our test, this board comes with 12 x 9 inches. Yes, it looks smaller that we are used to. This board help work very fast mostly because it matches easily to the dishwasher. The board is versatile to cut juicy chicken, tomatoes and even steak. 

However, the material of this 2-piece cutting board set can wear over time. Nevertheless, many people have been using the board for some years and has not yet to replace it.

Bamboo Cutting Board

The second top pick of the wood cutting board is the bamboo cutting board. Compared to our former pick up, bamboo cutting board is the larger option. It has longer measurement which is 15 x 21 inches while the previous type is 11 x 14 inches. 

Bamboo cutting board is thick. However, it is lightweight enough, making it easy to move around for cleaning. 

Based on our test, bamboo cutting board is not only easy to clean but also comfortable to cut on. It doesn’t stain either. However, you need to treat it well to avoid drying and cracking. For functions, this cutting board serves double functions that are as the cutting board and as the serving board. 

For maintenance, only hand wash is possible.

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3-Piece Cutting Board

3-piece cutting board becomes favorable as it is lightweight and consisting of three pieces. It is made of bamboo that has characteristics like maple, walnut and cherry wood. It is dense and good at keeping out the water and juices. 

3-piece cutting board is easy to clean. Only a little maintenance needed as it can quickly dry after being washed no matter how oily it is. Hence, it can prevent the board from cracking. 

The test on home use proved that this cutting board is good to consider for a quick prep work regardless its smaller size. This cutting board is also available in a larger size that is suitable for larger tasks. Meanwhile, the average size of the board is good for your daily cooking tasks like chopping carrots, garlic and onions. 

3-piece cutting board will not move around since it is sturdy and having a built-in handle portability. Though the board is sometimes wrapped, it can quickly reshape after a quick wash as well as proper dry.

For maintenance, it is available in hand wash only.

Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board

Other choice of wood cutting board we can recommend you to pick up is the Chop2Pot foldable plastic cutting board. It is small and lightweight. The edges fold, allowing you to easily funnel the food into a cookware. 

Though a small cutting board cannot be as convenience as you wish, this foldable cutting board is just an exception. The side can fold up to let you to transfer the chopped ingredients to the pot even without any spilling. Therefore, it is considered perfect for prepping small tasks or cutting in batches. It has a textured cutting surface and innovative design. 

Chop2Pot foldable plastic cutting board is easy to maintain. It is easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. Like the other cutting boards, this one serves also two functions both for cutting and serving board as it is easy to carry to the table.

Maple Wood Pro-Classic Cutting Board 

Maple wood Pro-classic cutting board is one of the favorable options as it sturdy and gentle on any type of knives. Though it comes with the thickness measured in 20 x 16 inches, it is not too heavy. Made of maple, this cutting board is softer and gentler but still highly durable. 

Maple wood pro-classic cutting board is very suitable for a good pastry board when it comes to work with flour. 

Many people loves this cutting boards as it has unique design. It is portable and easy to clean. Besides, it is designed also with a slot for placing your phone or tablet while you can still cook. 

To prevent cracking, you need still to treat the board to avoid some stains. 

Where To Buy Wood Cutting Boards In Indonesia 

In Indonesia, you can find the best wood cutting boards in PT. Jati Luhur Agung. It offers the unique wood look with the different types of wood materials. PT Jati Luhur Agung was established in Semarang in the year 1974. The company has been in operation for more than 47 years and is now run by its second generation, focusing in the wood flooring and wood component business.

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