whats the best wood flooring

There are many different types of flooring wood that you can use in your home, but if you’re looking for the very best flooring wood for the hardwood you will want to choose this one in this article.

What Is The Best Flooring For Wood Floors?

Wood flooring is something that many homeowners are now opting for in decorating their homes. This has further improved its demand especially because of its aesthetic qualities. Hardwood floors, however, need to be maintained properly to ensure it lasts for quite a very long time and looks beautiful all the time.

Advantage and Disadvantages

Although there are three main types of hardwood flooring, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you need to learn about the three flooring types and then determine which one suits you best. You also should know what you want from the flooring and how much you are willing to pay for it.

The most expensive among the three is walnut. However, the most preferred is cherry that has a brown color. Another favorite wood species are oak, which has a dark brown color to it. However, the most desirable is black walnut that has a beautiful deep chocolate color. Some homeowners prefer the Oak flooring because it doesn’t show scratches and thus looks very nice.

Hardwood flooring can be categorized into two main types namely solid and engineered. These two types have their pros and cons. While solid hardwood floors are exceptionally durable, this means they are a lot more costly than the engineered ones. Engineered Janka has less durability compared to the good Janka. But then again the benefit of the engineered flooring is located in its ability to resist wear and tear and therefore is far less expensive.

The grains of the hardwood floors vary widely. This means that some maple grains are more white while others are grayer in color variations. This variation is caused by the way the maple tree grows and changes the degree of light it receives during different seasons. Broadly, pine trees create finer grains while the walnut trees produce bigger grains.

Types of Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is the most expensive among different flooring types. The best way to save money while buying hardwood flooring is to go for engineered flooring instead. You will notice a massive difference between solid and engineered flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring uses sub-flooring and plywood instead of real wood. By using less material, the flooring will cost you less to install which leads to more savings in the long run. Since the plywood and sub-floor are usually made from recycled material, you can save even more money in the long run. Engineered floors also take advantage of moisture-resistant materials, meaning the engineered hardwood flooring makes your home more resistant to water damage.

Aside from these two main types, hardwood floors can be made of several other materials. Such as laminate flooring, vinyl plank flooring, hardwood planks, and many more. To make a good choice you must take into consideration the texture or the look of the wood planks. If the planks have a good feel, then they are a fantastic choice as they are sturdy enough. But if the boards have a lackluster appearance then they are not a good choice. For instance, maple is known for its beautiful grain pattern while walnut is renowned for its dark and gray color variations.


Maple is dense hardwood and comes in a vast array of color and grain patterns. It’s a stunning grain and comes in a wide range of color shades including light, dark, and browns. Due to the rich and deep color it offers, it can often withstand several years of wear and tear. The grain also comes in a vast array of widths and grains, which provides you the ability to find the best flooring wood for your circumstances. Maple has been a popular choice for flooring in homes throughout the world for several decades, and you can readily see why.

Maple flooring is offered in a variety of styles and cuts, letting you customize your setup to your exact tastes and requirements. You may choose solid hardwood or engineered flooring which permits the boards to interlock together when they are laid. This provides the floors more strength, durability, and strength. Engineered floors also provide a smooth finish that resists stains and wears, making a gorgeous wood that’s strong, durable, and long-lasting. Regardless of what sort of flooring you are searching for, you’ll be happy with the beautiful looks of maple flooring.

You can choose any number of colors, grains, and finishes to make the look and style that you love. Maple flooring is the ideal flooring wood for hardwood because it looks beautiful, can withstand a whole lot of wear and tear, and is simple to install. Maple is dense hardwood with a beautiful grain and color. It’s powerful, durable, and long-lasting. The durability of this wood makes it ideal for a home that may have more than one room that’s used. Maple flooring is offered in a variety of colors and grains, making it ideal for any home or apartment.


Wood texture. Surface of walnut wood background for design

Walnut is one of the most popular species of flooring wood. It’s resistant to rot, insects, and dust. It is however a bit expensive than other types of hardwood floors. It would make a good choice if you’re on a limited budget. Other good choices would be walnut and pine.


Cherry also makes a fantastic choice when it comes to flooring. Its dark color gives it a classic feel. If you’re searching for a very dark spot, cherry could be a good option. This stain however can be quite expensive compared to other hardwood. It does however have a very different dark rich taste which some find very pleasing.


Birch is another popular species of wood flooring. It is also durable and sturdy when compared to other species of flooring. If you’re on a tight budget, this would make an excellent option.


Among the most popular flooring choices, today is Pine. Pine is famous for its warm color variations and for its ability to withstand different kinds of weather. However, one important truth that you must consider before installing a walnut floor is the need to correct the moisture levels. It’s a fact that pine is an evergreen shrub but it’s still prone to rapid temperature fluctuations. Therefore, you must install the flooring under a weatherproof covering so that the Pine won’t get damaged during extreme weather conditions.