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Do you want to keep the kitchen countertops at home in good shape? Well, the cutting board could be said as one of the key accessories for the kitchen décor. However, to provide a durable and hygienic place to slice any ingredients, you need to be careful and selective in choosing the best wood for the cutting board.

As we know, cutting boards are available in different types, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, although it is made from wood –as the main material, some different woods are used to make it. 

Here, we will talk to you about the kinds of the best wood to make a cutting board and what to consider in choosing it. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Why Choosing Wood Instead of Other Materials for Cutting Boards?

why choosing wood

When you are looking for a new cutting board on the market, we realize that you will find many kinds of cutting boards made from different materials, such as wood, plastic, or maybe metal. Then, the question is why choose wood for your favorite cutting board material?

By the characteristics of its surface, wood will protect the knives. The wood cutting board will not dull them like the other cutting board materials, like ceramic, glass, and plastic. It means that you could use your favorite knife longer. 

On another hand, durability also becomes the issue why many people choose the wood cutting board. It cannot be denied that the wood cutting board could get scratched. However, many professionals will be ready to refinish it. 

If you want to find a good cutting board with a unique natural appearance. the wooden cutting board is also the best option. You could choose edge grain butcher block, end grain butcher block, wide plank, live edge, and others with unique style and construction. We are sure that it will influence the whole sense of kitchen décor. 

The last but not least, the wooden cutting board is also easy to maintain. After using it, you just need to clean the cutting board by washing it. When the color of the wood faded away, you could use oil to make it newer.

What to Consider in Choosing The Best Wooden Cutting Board?

There are some matters to consider in choosing the best wooden cutting board. Of course, the appearance of the cutting board becomes the first matter to consider. Here, you need to consider some aspects, such as size, shape, or other matters just to make sure that it is the wooden cutting board that you want.

Besides, you also need to consider hardwood and softwood as an option. The hardwood is very interesting, especially for its durability. With its characteristics, the hardwood cutting board could be used for years and is free from scratchers. However, softwood also could be alternative. It has good characteristics and durability. Moreover, it is cheaper. 

However, to consider the hardness level of the cutting board, you should apply the Janka scale. Try to get the information about it before choosing the best cutting board. 

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The Best Wood to Choose As Cutting Board

Then, what is the best wood for cutting board that we may choose?

As we have said before, many kinds of wood are applied to make a cutting board. Some kinds of wood that could be the best material for a durable cutting board are:


Maple, especially the hard maple or sugar male, is the most popular wood for cutting boards. This wood is hard and close-grain wood. It means that a cutting board made from maple is durable and resists bacteria. 

Another interesting matter about maple is this wood is light and fairly neutral in color. It means that using maple as a cutting board will be easy and this cutting board could be applied to the different styles of kitchen décor. 


It could be said that acacia is not a common material for cutting boards. However, this wood idea is nice since it is durable and versatile. It means that acacia could be applied to make different stuff in the kitchen.

Some people said that acacia is also interesting because of its cheaper price. Moreover, acacia is rather easier to be found on the market. 


Cherry becomes the next-best wood that could be applied to make a cutting board. This wood is a hard and closed-grain wood. That is why cherry becomes the top option for cutting boards. 

Besides its high hardness level, cherry is also interesting with its appearance. Naturally, it has a medium to dark color. With its unique appearance, we believe that the cherry cutting board will increase the timeless beauty inside your kitchen.

A cutting board made from cherry is also easy to care for. Then, it also will not dull the knives.


Similarly, walnut is another nice hardwood and it is excellent to be applied as the cutting board material. Many people said that walnut is very interesting, especially with its high hardness level. It means that a walnut cutting board is hard to be broken and could be used for years.

On another hand, walnut is also interesting in its appearance. Naturally, walnut has dark color as the main appeal. For those who want to get a high level of nature inside the kitchen décor, this wood option is the best choice. 


Teak has been prized for its durability and ease of maintenance. This wood also maintains a natural appearance, so many people like to choose it for their furniture. Of course, to be made as a cutting board, teak will provide a durable board that could be used for years.

Unfortunately, teak has been exploited for several years. The African teak, for example, now become an endangered wood species. 


Another kind of wood that is also great to be chosen as a cutting board material. Technically, bamboo is not wood, but it is grass. However, modern technology worked amazingly to make this grass into a durable cutting board. 

Bamboo is quite interesting as a cutting board material since it is hard and absorbs less water than several different types of wood. On another hand, a cutting board made from bamboo is also easy to maintain. Additionally, bamboo grows quite quickly, so it is sustainable to produce. 

Some points above are the best wood for cutting board that you may consider. If you are looking for a high-quality cutting board made from the best wood, click and you could see the catalogs of Jati Luhur Agung’s product.

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