If you finally choose solid hardwood flooring to renew the room’s appearance, you cannot go wrong. It is quite reasonable since the hardwood flooring has a beautiful sense of nature and it could be applied to different décor ideas, such as traditional, modern, country, and others. This flooring idea also could be used in different rooms.

However, you need to be selective in choosing the hardwood flooring idea. In the market, you will find different wood species that are applied as the basic flooring material. Of course, every wood species has different characteristics, which will influence the decoration results. 

On this occasion, we will talk about the different wood species that could be chosen to renew the room flooring. Are you curious about it? Please read the following writings below.

Benefits of Using Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is only one of the flooring ideas to consider. However, it becomes people’s favorite because of its benefits and advantages. Well, we have listed some points about the benefits of using hardwood flooring that could be the reasons why you need to use it.

Some benefits of using this flooring idea are:

Enhance the decoration style

Choosing the right flooring idea is nice since it will influence the room’s decoration result. The use of hardwood flooring is nice since it could enhance the décor style. Many people said that this flooring idea could make the space look bigger. 

On another hand, there is a higher warmth that you will get from this flooring idea. Moreover, hardwood flooring has different patterns that will deliver different uniqueness.

Low maintenance

Flooring needs maintenance to keep its good condition. However, some people sometimes are too lazy to maintain their room flooring because they feel difficult. Well, the next benefit of using wooden flooring idea is it just needs simple maintenance. All you need to do for maintenance is keep clean its surface.

Strong and durable

Durability is an important factor to consider in choosing the flooring idea. Here, solid hardwood flooring could be chosen since it has higher durability than the other flooring idea. Of course, of its characteristic, wooden flooring idea could be used for years and you do not need to think about its replacement.

Could be refinished

Another reason why you need to choose the wooden flooring idea is this flooring concept could be refinished. Unlike the carpet, you could renew its appearance rather than replaced it.

Of course, by refinishing the wood flooring appearance, you could save some money for the decoration. Then, you also could apply the different styles to get a new appearance of the flooring idea. 

From some points above, we may see that the wooden flooring idea has some benefits, which could be the reasons why you could choose it for the flooring concept. Of course, this flooring idea still has some advantages to enjoy, such as the color of the flooring doesn’t fade, this flooring could be used in different rooms, it has better air quality, and others.

Which Species of Wood Are Better to Choose?

As we have said before, solid wooden flooring idea comes with different wood species. Of course, the kinds of wood species could be the way to help you find the best option for renewing your room décor. 

Well, some wood species to consider in choosing the wooden flooring idea are:


Oak becomes one of the best woods to be applied as a flooring idea. This wood is very popular, especially in the United States for some reasons. Some people said that oak is nice with its natural colors. Of course, the natural colors will be very helpful to increase the warmth of room decoration, especially when you want to apply the natural room décor concept.

On another hand, oak is also nice since it is resistant to water damage. It means that the durability level of oak is also good.

About this wood species, at least you will find two common oak species, white oak, and red oak. The white oak has a cool appearance and gray tones. Then, the red oak is nice since it has warmer tones. 


Teak also becomes a popular wood species for flooring ideas. This wood is quite special since it has some pros to enjoy. For example, teak has great water resistance. With this characteristic, of course, the teak flooring idea will be durable and could be used for years. 

Besides, teak is also beautiful. It has golden brown colors that will be effective to renew the look of room decoration, especially for those who want to apply the natural home décor concept. 


If you want to apply the wooden flooring idea, pine also could be added as the material. This wood is soft but it has tons of personality, which will amaze you with its appearance. 

When it is compared with other woods, we realize that pine is softer. However, it doesn’t mean that this wood is bad. Pine still has a good durability level and it could be used for years. 

Then, if you are interested in this wood, pine has some variations. You may consider the heart pine, Eastern white pine, or Southern yellow pine as your options.


We are sure that maple becomes a popular wood and is applied for some purposes, including the room’s flooring. This wood species is quite special, especially with its natural grain that will be effective to beautify the room decoration.

On another hand, maple has different characteristics to consider. You may find soft maple and hard maple in choosing it. The different characteristics will influence its durability, and, of course, the cost to buy it. 

We know that many different kinds of wood are still available and could be chosen to find the best wooden flooring idea. Well, if you want to look for the best solid hardwood flooring with different species and guaranteed quality, you could check the catalogs of Jati Luhur Agung. We provide kinds of hardwood floorings worldwide and we always provide the best price for all products.

Feel free to call and do some consultations!

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