wooden flooring species

From many interior elements that exist in the house, flooring is the most important part that is often forgotten. Actually, the right floor can protect you and your family. Imagine you choose the wrong wooden flooring species for your room, you or a loved one might slip and fall.

Not only can avoid friction on the floor and prevent slipping due to slippery floors, but wooden floors are also a favorite of many people because of the aesthetic nature that can beautify the house. So, wood floors can be a sweetener for your home if used properly.

Curious if the wooden floor species that is good for you? 

Wood types for flooring and wood grades are adapted to different levels, durability, fibers, and appearance. Hardwood floors have flexible and versatile properties compared to floors from other materials. Floors can give the finishing touches to a variety of home interior design types, from classic to modern types of houses, urban to country style houses, to homes that are natural and traditional. But in this world, there are different types of wood for floors, each of which has different levels, durability, fibers, and appearance. 

Some of these explanations below will get you to know more about wooden flooring species.

At present, there are around 50 types of wood used for flooring. Each species of wood will affect the color, durability, up to the price of the wood floor. 

In PT. Jati Luhur Agung, we provide 6 species of wood that will make your wood flooring looks good. There are Hevea, Acacia, Mahogany, Sungkai, Teak, and Merbau. Each species have a different color and specialty. Let us explain the species below 


Hevea wood is known as Rubber Wood, this species of wood has a slightly creamy color when freshly cut or cut. When it starts to dry it will turn a little brown. Although, it is a substitute for oak it has far too many benefits to count. It is an excellent choice when it comes to hardwood floors. Hevea has the power to withstand air, moisture as well as temperature. This is what you will need for your house. 


In comparison to other wood like Teak and Oak, Acacia is the best quality wood. It is also resistant to heat, water, and termites. 

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The touch of brown and red in wood adds to the unique look of this wood. It belongs to the hardwood family of the Swietenia species. This wood is known for its modern touch and the kind of finish it adds to the floor. It can also resist every kind of change that temperature and moisture bring on it. The liabilities that Mahogany brings with it is zero. 


In the long list of choices when it comes to wood, Sungkai is the best. It is perfect for both residential and commercial purposes. It is known for its unique texture, durability, and strength. Sungkai is also known for its resistance and shine.


Everyone has heard and knows very well about the properties of Teak. It is regarded as the best because of its high resistance and temperature content. Teak is regarded as one of the best products for your hardwood flooring. It is one of the best products in terms of quality.


Merbau is known for its unique properties. It is easier to work with Merbau. With a lot of ease and comfort, one can use Merbau to fix and install flooring. The best part about Merbau is that it doesn’t wear off easily. It continues to have its shine intact after fungus or termite infiltration. This makes it an even better choice.

No matter what kind of wood, the grade or quality of the wood floor is seen not only from the species, but the appearance and presence or absence of defective parts on the log, for example on knots or hard parts on trees where branches attach to tree trunks. 

So, what is your chosen wooden flooring species?