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Unheard of before the middle of the 1970s, the idea of laminate flooring has now become one of the most favorite flooring options. Some people installed this flooring idea for the economy idea and others use it because of its function.

However, it could be said that the laminate floors come with some innovations. You will not only find more variations of patterns but also variations of materials. With all innovations, laminate floors could be a great flooring option with a better performance.

Here, we will talk about some matters about laminate floors, especially the pros and cons of it to deliver more information for you. If you want to renew you’re flooring details and want to consider this idea, read the following writings below. 

Basics of Laminate Floors

What is a laminate floor?

Well, the laminate floors are a hybrid floor covering consisting of a useful particleboard wood base. Then, it is topped by an image layer and sometimes with a transparent wear layer.

It could be said that laminate floors are a popular type of floor covering, especially today. This flooring idea could be applied in different places, such as living areas, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, and other places inside the home.

Back in its history, the idea of laminate floors has found by a Swedish company called Perstorp in 1977. The first idea is to use the waste wood project by subjecting them to high pressure, heat, and binding chemicals. The applied process produced usable floor coverings that have a beautiful appearance.

The Pros using Laminate Floors

As one of the best flooring ideas, laminate flooring has some pros that could be the reasons why you apply this flooring concept to your home. Some pros of laminate floors to be known are:

Easy to maintain 

The first interesting matter about laminate floors is the easiness of maintenance. You need to know that the laminate floor’s wear layer is quite strong, maintenance a breeze, and making clean up.

Of course, maintaining the appearance of the floor is very easy. You just need to apply a regular sweeping. It will be very useful to keep the surface of the laminate floors clear, especially from the abrasive grit.


If you are looking for an affordable flooring idea for your kitchen and other rooms, laminate floors could be an excellent option. We are sure that laminate floors come with some different basic materials. However, in common, the price is lower, so you could maintain the renovation budget well.

Resistance to damage

Another excellent matter about the laminate floors is this flooring idea is resistant to damage. The composite wood material of this flooring idea is not only durable. Its top layer also has excellent scratch resistance.

That is why the topcoat of laminate floors could withstand loud children, pet claws, and other risks. On another hand, the laminate floors also have UV resistance. It means that the color of this flooring idea will last longer. 

Easy to install

The laminate floors are an excellent flooring idea for DIYers. Well, it is because this flooring concept is quite easy to be installed. If you see the appearance of the laminate floors, you will find the simple lock-together system.

This simple system is very useful and also helpful. With that system, of course, you could install the laminate floors easily by yourself. On another hand, the applied system also will guarantee that the result of flooring installation will be always great. 

Elegant look

Flooring becomes an important matter inside the room decoration. It means that the appearance of the flowing will influence the whole room’s appearance.

The laminate flooring could be an interesting flooring option since it has elegant look. We are sure that with their elegant appearance, laminate floors will be effective to renew the look of room décor. Moreover, today, the distinctive embossing resembles the floorboard with the look of actual wood. 

Some points above are the pros of laminate floors that could be other considerations why this flooring idea is interesting to be applied. In addition, this flooring concept is also nice since it is eco-friendly and has a wide variety to be applied in different room décor concepts. 

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Cons using Laminate Floors

Although laminate floors have some pros that dedicate them as one of the best flooring ideas, it still has some cons to be known. Some cons of laminate floors to know are:

Cannot be refinished 

The first cons of the laminate floors –and it becomes a hot issue, is this flooring idea cannot be refinished. It means that you couldn’t change the surface of the placed laminate floor. If the surface is damaged because of some matters, you need to change it. Or, you could cover it but the result will not be maximal. 

It’s slippery 

In some settings, the laminate flooring could provide a slick surface. It could be a serious problem since the slick surface could increase the risk of falling. Of course, if you apply this flooring idea, delivering additional caution is very important, especially if you have children.

Not profitable when it is sold

For those who think to sell the old properties when doing some renewal projects, the laminate floors are not a proper option to choose. The reason is that this flooring option will never bring you a lot of money since the value is quite low. Moreover, it is rather difficult to make sure that there is no damaged part of the used laminate floors.

Well, that is all about the laminate floors that you need to know. It could be said that this flooring idea is simple and great by its surface. By applying the laminate floors, you also will get more natural warmth inside your room. 

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