modern wood kitchen cabinets

Modern wood for kitchen cabinets is the best solution for a beautiful and timeless kitchen interior. Wood material for kitchen cabinets is also known to be very durable, especially if properly cared for.

There are so many things to consider in choosing the best model and wood material for kitchen cabinets. You have to pay attention to the overall kitchen interior as well as the wood’s colors that available. Here we will give tips on how to choose the best modern wood kitchen cabinets.

Modern wood for kitchen cabinets ideas

Modern wood kitchen cabinets are also known as contemporary kitchen cabinets or European-style kitchen cabinets. Usually, modern wood for kitchen cabinets has the characteristics of a simple frame and door plus a sleek looking form.

Usually, traditional kitchen cabinets include woods as the material. Meanwhile, modern look tends to mix wood with other materials such as woods with metals, glass, plastic, concrete and so on.

How to install modern wood for kitchen cabinets that suitable best for your kitchen then please consider some points below:

Customs or prefabricated?

If you have enough budget then go with custom modern kitchen cabinets as the professional will certainty give you advice about the best materials to install. Moreover, you can design your own kitchen cabinets based on your taste. However, if you don’t have enough budget, then go with prefabricated or semi-custom cabinets. This kind of cabinet often using stock inset doors and colors but you can still try to make them fit into your kitchen.

Go with full modern kitchen cabinets or hybrid?

You can option for full modern kitchen cabinets or mix traditional and modern kitchen cabinets. If you planning to sell your house in the future then it is better to choose full modern kitchen cabinets. You can install slick frameless cabinets which will still look very good even in the next 5 years. But, if you like more unique appearance, you can install hybrid cabinets that mixed traditional with modern look.

Simple cabinets door for modern style

Traditional kitchen cabinets typically have more carvings on the door while modern look tend to have minimal decorations. Some people also like to incorporate wood cabinets with glass door to make the plates and dishes easier to see. Although, it can make the kitchen appear more crowded. So, think carefully when choosing modern cabinets door.

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The best wood materials for modern kitchen cabinets

As you probably already knew that there are light, medium to dark wood colors for kitchen cabinet materials. Below are several examples to have:

Light colored woods

If you like to install cabinets with light wood color then you can pick white oak or white ash as the materials. White oak is the best modern wood for kitchen cabinets because it is less expensive that any other wood materials and very durable. It is not only beautiful but also provide classical appearance. In addition, it has beautiful grain patterns.

Meanwhile, white ash has smooth grain with light color. The grains are typically straight thus can become a good choose for fine kitchen furniture.

Medium colored woods

Two options for cabinet materials with medium color are walnut and teak. Even though teak known as an expensive material, but this material is quite popular for so many different applications around the world. The grain is straight with a bit waviness. Take a note that the color often become darker as time goes by.

As for walnut, you can say that this is one of the most materials for modern kitchen cabinets. If offers warm style to most of interior designs. It is a great material option if you want to create kitchen cabinets with hybrid style like two tones kitchen cabinets that mixed white doors with walnut cabinets.

Dark colored woods

One example of popular dark wood material for kitchen cabinet is fumed or smoked wood. It has been exposed to ammonia gas making the surface looks even darker. It looks so nice and you can choose oak woods which already be fumed. Other materials that can be fumed such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, chestnut, etc. It is not only a good option to build modern appearance, many traditional or classic interior often use such material as well.

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Best design for your modern kitchen cabinets

1. Black modern cabinets

To create luxury interior for the kitchen, you can install a black kitchen cabinet with white marble for the countertop. The appearance of your kitchen will look very sexy and contemporary. This design is great if you have a large enough kitchen space, because darker wood color sometime creates an illusion that the kitchen looks full.

2. Mid-century cabinets

You can get mid-century kitchen cabinets style which provide warm tone with light to medium wood colors. It will help the kitchen space brighter and more inviting if you combine it with white countertop as well.

3. Ceiling height cabinets

More storage is the best thing to have in the kitchen and you can create it with no visible wall space. To avoid make it looks overwhelming, choose soft and light color with simple doors. This kind of design best for large kitchen space.

4. Cabinets with pop color

For anti-mainstream look, you can stay with white colors for overall design and then add one pop color with your lower cabinets. You can choose any good-looking pop colors to have like jewel-toned green, or red diamond and such as.

5. Navy blue is sexy too!

If you that dark colors are very sexy, but don’t really like dark colors like black, then you can go for a mix of navy blue and white. Don’t choose furniture that is too complicated in design so that the kitchen room doesn’t look full and cramped.

Those are some tips about modern wood for kitchen cabinets. If you are confused about how to choose the best material for your wooden cabinet and its designs then you can contact Jati Luhur Agung. We are a furniture company with long experience in providing various kinds of kitchen cabinets.

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