Choosing the best kitchen countertops is quite important. The countertops don’t only influence the appearance of kitchen decoration, but also will provide a nice surface and space to cook. As we know, kitchen countertops are available in different materials. However, the kitchen wood countertops could be a good option to consider. 

If you want to feel the sense of nature inside your kitchen, we are sure that the wooden countertops are a nice option to apply. Moreover, some woods with different natural surfaces are ready to be considered.

Here, we will talk to you about the idea of wooden kitchen countertops. For those who want to renew the kitchen countertops and want to consider wood as the best material, please read the following writings wholly. 

The Pros and Cons of Wooden Kitchen Countertops

As we have said before, substantively kitchen countertops are available with different materials. However, wooden kitchen countertops becomes the most popular option, since wood also become one of the best materials.

However, for more consideration, it is better to know the pros and cons of using wooden kitchen countertops for kitchen decoration. 

The pros of using wood as the kitchen countertops’ materials are:

Wood is beautiful 

We are sure that people want to have an interesting and beautiful surface for the kitchen décor. This matter could be gotten if you apply the wooden kitchen countertops. 

Regarding the appearance, the wood is very interesting. It has different natural patterns that will not be found in different materials. 

Wood is warm

Another reason why wood becomes the chosen material for kitchen countertops is because of its warmness. The meaning of warmness is wood is warm to look at and touch. We realize that people will get another peace when seeing the wooden kitchen countertops at home.

Considering other materials, we may find that granite is another best material to consider. However, this material delivers cold rather than warmness.

Maybe, it is a small thing to consider. However, we argue that it is quite essential when the decoration is also about feeling. 

Wood is eco-friendly 

The wooden kitchen countertops could be made from reclaimed materials. It is a thing that we recommend just to keep the condition of the environment. On another hand, when other time you want to change the kitchen countertops, of course, the old wood could be applied for other needs. 

From some points above, we may see that wooden kitchen countertops have some pros as the reason for applying them. However, we should realize those wooden kitchen countertops still have some cons to know.

The cons of this kitchen countertop idea are:

Needs more maintenance

Substantively, maintenance is an important and common thing to know to keep a good condition of kitchen countertops. However, wood will need more maintenance than other materials, such as granite.

Depending on the type of wood species applied for the kitchen countertops, you need to apply the sealant at certain times. Minimally, you need to reapply it around two or three times a year. 

Prone to damage

The bad matter of wood when it is applied as a kitchen countertop is it could be damaged. Well, wood is quite prone to damage. 

You need to know that some woods maybe will be too soft to be used as a kitchen countertop. That is why you need to be selective in choosing the kinds of wood in ordering new kitchen countertops. 

To make sure that you find the best wood, you may need to consult with experts. On another hand, you also need to check the wood durability level that is measured by the Janka hardness test. 

Bacteria could live there

As we have said before, wooden kitchen countertops will need more maintenance to keep their good condition. This material is not only prone to damage but the bacteria could live there. 

The wooden kitchen countertop is more easily damaged by spills. That is why if you apply the kitchen wood countertops, you need to maintain them better. 

Both pros and cons above could be the whole consideration when you want to choose the best kitchen countertops for renewing the decoration. However, something to be underlined, you need to apply maintenance to make sure that the kitchen countertop’s condition is always great.

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The Best Woods for Kitchen Countertops Materials

When we are talking about kitchen countertops made from woods, we will find some best woods as options. Some best woods to consider as the best kitchen countertops materials are:

Hard maple

The first and the most common wood applied as a kitchen countertop material is hard maple. This kind of wood is chosen because it is simple and beautiful with its straight grain. On another hand, hard maple also has high durability and better abrasion resistance.   


Teak is a tropical hardwood from the Pacific coast of Mexico. This wood is nice since it is reliably sturdy. Moreover, the teak wood delivers the exotic taste to enjoy.

On the top of the surface, teak wood has a rich and warm color. The appearance of the surface will automatically renew the look of the kitchen decoration. Moreover, this kitchen countertop material has high oil content, so it will have better durability to use.


The next interesting wood to be applied as a kitchen countertop is tigerwood. This wood is special since it has a beautiful natural look. On another hand, this wood is also hard, so you do not need to ask about its durability.

Black walnut

Black walnut becomes one of the best materials to create kitchen countertop. We realize that this wood is the most popular material for home decoration.

What makes the black walnut special is the wood has some color variations and beautiful grain. Then, the quality of this wood is also good. You could do less maintenance when choosing to create the kitchen countertops.

Besides the four materials above, there are still some best woods that could be applied in creating new kitchen countertops, such as cherry, zebrawood, and others.

Well, if you need some help to find the best kitchen wood countertops, you may call Jati Luhur Agung as your solution. We have some best wooden kitchen countertops to renew your kitchen maximally!

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