pros and cons using wood countertops

Choosing the best material for the kitchen countertop always becomes an issue during kitchen decoration. It is very reasonable since the countertop material will influence the appearance of the whole kitchen and other decoration aspects, including costs and maintenance. However, considering different materials, the wood countertops kitchen can be your favorite.

The wood countertops are the epitome of eco-friendly and green. On another hand, the wood countertops also will deliver a high uniqueness for every decoration idea. As we know, every wood –as the basic countertop material, provides unique and exclusive patterns. Then, the wooden material also will impart a classic look inside the kitchen.

And before you want to renew your kitchen, you can ask wood countertops kitchen Indonesiamanufacturer about the pros and cons of wood countertops kitchen.  Here, to know more about the pros and cons of wood countertops kitchen that could be your consideration before deciding the wood as the best countertop materials for your kitchen. 

The Cons of Wood Countertops Kitchen 

Starting to talk about the wood countertop kitchen, let us start with the bad news first. The truth about the wooden countertop is, that it needs a lot of care. It is very reasonable since the wood could be easily damaged by spills. On another hand, not every kind of wood could stand up to kinds of different abuses. 

Besides the fact above, we have some cons about the wood countertops kitchen to know below.

Bacteria could live in poorly sealed wood

Some studies said that wood has natural anti-bacterial qualities. It is a fact that we could not deny.

However, this natural quality cannot be a warranty that the wooden countertops will be free from bacteria, especially after the yearly usage. The worse condition will happen when the wooden countertop has a poor seal. 

Wood is prone to damage

Many people said that they choose wood as the basic material for their kitchen countertop because of its durability. However, it is a subjective and personal opinion that could not be a standard. 

You need to realize that not all wood is created equal. It means that there are kinds of woods that are strong and great to be a countertop. However, some other woods sometimes are too soft to be applied as a countertop. It means that you need to be selective in choosing the kinds of woods. 

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Wooden countertops need a lot of maintenance 

As we have said before, maintenance is a very important matter for wooden countertops. It could be known that the wooden countertops will need a lot of maintenance than the different materials. 

Minimally, the wooden countertops need to be oiled regularly. Many people said that monthly oiling is the basic maintenance of this countertop. On another hand, sometimes, you need to refinish the countertop just to keep the perfect appearance on its surface. 

Pros of Wood Countertops Kitchen

After knowing some cons of the wood countertops kitchen, now we move to talk about its good stuff. Well, by knowing the pros of the wooden countertops, of course, you will get more reasons why this countertop idea could be your favorite in renewing the look of kitchen decoration.

Some pros of wood countertops as the basic reasons to choose are:

The wooden countertop is beautiful 

We cannot deny that the wooden countertop is very interesting and beautiful on its surface. The main reason is wood has a pattern and texture that we cannot find on the different countertop materials. Of course, through its pattern, there is also the sense of exclusivity that we will get. 

Wood is warm

Another interesting fact about wood that could be an option for the countertop is wood is warm. The warm could be meant as warmness to look at and touch. 

With its exclusive appearance, we realize that there is another warmness that you will get from the appearance of the wooden countertops. If you see the whole wooden countertop, you will get a sense of nature that also deliver a higher calmness.

Then, wood is also warm when you touch it. You will get the difference between this material and granite: the granite almost always feels cold when it is touché.

Flexibility for all kitchen décor

The wood countertops kitchen is also excellent because it has great flexibility for all the kitchen decoration concepts. Some people may think that the wooden countertop is only suitable for the traditional kitchen décor concept. However, this countertop idea could be applied to different kitchen décor including modern and contemporary styles.

This high flexibility will provide more inspiration for kitchen decoration. Of course, you also could combine the wooden countertop with the different kitchen elements to get a better kitchen decoration result. 

Quick Tips for Maintaining Wood Countertops Kitchen

As we have said before, the wooden kitchen countertop needs some maintenance to keep the condition on a good level. Well, although you need to do the regular maintenance, substantively, the countertop could be maintained easily.

We have some quick tips that you may do to maintain the wooden kitchen countertops that you have. The whole tips are:

Apply oil regularly 

The first tip to maintaining the wooden countertops is applying the oil regularly. Oiling is what you need to do to get a sleek look on the countertop surface. On another hand, this maintenance tip will be very effective to remove the dust and other manures from the countertop. The oiling could be done minimally once a month or when it is needed. 

Wipe up spills quickly 

If you spill some vinegar or other colored acidic liquids on the countertop, you need to wipe it up quickly. It is a simple thing to do but also very important. By quickly spilling up, you could keep the liquid away from the wood’s porous cell structure that in further time, it will damage the surface. 

These two matters are the basic maintenance that you could do to keep the surface of the wooden countertop clear and good. Sometimes, you also could maintain it by spraying some alcohol and then wiping the surface of the countertop.

That is all about the pros and cons of wood countertops kitchen and how you could do the maintenance to keep the condition good.

If you want to check some of the good and long lasting wood countertops, you can check the collections from Jati Luhur Agung. If you are confused or need assistance in choosing the right countertops for your needs, simply contact to get further assistance. 

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