Solid hardwood floor Indonesia emphasizes the combination of the natural beauty of solid wood and an innovative manufacturing method for upper floors. Thanks to a layer of real solid wood, flooring wood. The ultra-smart hardwood is scratch, crack, and swelling resistant, as well as easy to use. To enhance comfort and heat while preserving the freshness of your home by discouraging mold and rotting growth.

You deserve to live in harmony with elegance. Trendy colors and patterns by solid hardwood floor Indonesia, including the new solid hardwood floor collection, create modern, unique spaces that will make you want to show off your home.

Solid hardwood floor Indonesia features a firm cork sublayer saturated with protection The antimicrobials will fight the growth of mold and mildew under the floor, ensuring that hygienic floors keep their appearance.

Long-lasting durability

solid hardwood floors

Enjoy the original beauty of Solid hardwood floor Indonesia provides high emissions resistance, and stability properties ensuring wood flooring wood will withstand everyday use. Smart hardwood won’t emit as easily as hardwood and solid wood with center/strips of plywood, while the forming hinge resists gaps and bulges – ensuring beautiful floors for a long time.

The classic fishbone pattern is an increasingly increasing trend within the market. Solid hardwood floor Indonesia offers the perfect blend of the most modern colors and textures, simple solution, and unique fitting to complete the design from your space, be it classic or contemporary.

The classic fishbone pattern is an increasingly increasing trend within the market. Now offers for solid hardwood floor Indonesia

A solution for this type of timeless flooring wood. Solid hardwood floor Indonesia offers the perfect blend of the most modern colors and textures, simple solution, and unique fitting to complete the design from your space, be it classic or contemporary.

Solid hardwood floor 

While the former is made of wood throughout its thickness, the latter consists of a layer of hardwood on the surface layered on top of several layers of plywood. This difference in composition gives them distinct propertie

A solid wood floor made of raw wood slats from one tree. High-end, laminate flooring has an expensive price. This is justified by its “authentic” appearance and its resistance to many blasts, which guarantees good longevity.

Solid hardwood floor Indonesia is subject to some specific restrictions. Sensitive to moisture that causes it to expand, they cannot be placed in every room in your home. It is suitable for rooms on the ground floor or on the upper floors but not in the basement or in the bathroom.

It is therefore important to make a choice according to the room where the floor will be installed and our lifestyle. The desired aspect also influences which species to favor. Some woods have a more noticeable grain, including oak and ash, which has the advantage of more easily concealing the wear and tear of time.

Conversely, maple, cherry, cherry, and pine – which always find a taker among those looking for a rustic appearance – offer less contrast. 

Colors and finishes

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As a result of our strong interest in natural materials and the more contemporary style of homes, light tones are in vogue. Especially since they require less maintenance, while imperfections are less apparent. We appreciate their raw and rustic appearance as well as the character they exude.

Other characteristics to consider

Plank widths start at 2 ¼ and can go up to 8 inches in the case of engineered wood, while their length is often random. However, the wider and longer they are, the greater the effect.

“They also offer wood species and textures that you can’t see everywhere” indicates Nicole Brault, a designer in Mont-Tremblant and the only retailer in the Laurentians of these high-end products, among which we find 100-year-old recycled pine.

Other manufacturers offer custom wood floors, including the insertion of unique patterns. Since companies compete in creativity and ingenuity to stand out, the only limits are those of our imagination … and our budget!

You’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a hardwood floor and an engineered hardwood floor. These two materials share the same aesthetic qualities, and have their own advantages, adapting to your exact needs.

If you are looking for 100% natural siding, solid hardwood floor Indonesia is the material for you! This noble material has been preferred by Quebecers for years due to its very authentic look and ability to add tremendous warmth and character to a room, this noble material also remains at the top of the paint scales thanks to its durability. The hard floor can be sanded and polished up to three times; This is why it will stand the test of time so well!

Laminate floors can be made of real wood or a wood-like material bonded to a layer of the wood fiber. If your wood floor has a layer of original wood, it is called an engineered wood floor. Otherwise, it is laminated or laminated parquet.

The qualities of a floating floor are:

  • Ease of installation. Simply cut the boards in between and fix everything with parquet glue
  • Increasingly strict build quality
  • A side that tends to resemble hardwood floors
  • In contrast, wood floors are less resistant than hardwood floors. It usually wears out after one or two sessions of sanding and varnishing.

The last major benefit is the price of floating floors. solid hardwood floor Indonesia cares about the satisfaction of our customers.  Solid hardwood floor Indonesia ensures the quality and finish of every floorboard you supply by inspecting them quickly. In the event that there are some defects in the slats, we can suggest that you place them in a less visible location within your home.

Then we take all necessary measurements to determine the actual floor area we would need to cover the entire floor. Finally, we apply an exact fitting to the millimeter to obtain a flawless finish.