Do you want to have a perfect room decoration with a high sense of nature? Applying the hardwood flooring is a good idea to apply. However, sometimes, buying flooring is difficult, especially since there are many flooring options in the market. That is why here we will talk about the hardwood flooring buying guide to help you find the best flooring idea. 

You need to know that this flooring is available in many variations. That is why to get the perfect decoration; you need to be selective in choosing this flooring idea. 

Then, how to find the best flooring to maximize the decoration projects? Read the writing wholly!

Benefits of Applying Hardwood Flooring 

Before talking about the buying guide to find the best hardwood flooring to renew the room decoration, we will talk first about the benefits of applying thist floor. We aware this is just a flooring idea, there are so many other flooring ideas to consider, but it delivers some benefits to enjoy.

Using this floor will be very effective to enhance the look of your home. Many experts said that this flooring idea not only adds a touch of elegance but also a bit of warmth. Homeowners also believe that using the hardwood flooring will be effective to make the space looks bigger. 

Another benefit of using hardwood flooring is the easiness of cleaning and maintenance. The hardwood floors are easy to be kept clean. It could be swept, steam-cleaned, or even vacuumed to clean any debris on its surface. 

Hardwood also could be an interesting flooring idea because of its high durability. Experts said that hardwood flooring is strong and durable. If you as the homeowner want to have a good flooring idea that could be applied in years without a significant problem, these floor could be placed as the first option.

Hardwood Flooring Buying Guide: Aspects to Consider

Before you begin to search for the best and perfect hardwood flooring to renew the room decoration, there are some first questions that you need to answer:

  • How big is your room?
  • How much foot traffic does your room receive?
  • What level of the home is your home on?

It could be said that those questions are simple matters to answer. However, it could help you to find the best type of hardwood flooring to choose. 

About the hardwood flooring buying guide, there are some aspects that could be the basic considerations, such as:

Room Size

In choosing the perfect hardwood flooring, think about the room size that will be redecorated. By knowing the size of your room, you will know the perfect amount of flooring that you need to order. 

To determine the room size, measure both the width and length of the room. Multiply the length by the width to know the area of your room in square feet.

Engineered VS Solid Wooden Floors

When we are talking about hardwood flooring, at least there are two types available: engineered and solid wood. Of course, each type of this floor will work perfectly depending on the grade of the room and the type of subfloor. To know more about two kind these floor types, check the points below:

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring 

Solid hardwood flooring is made of 100% solid wood. That why this floor idea has high durability and you will have chances to refinish it multiple times. However, this flooring idea could expand and contract depending on the room’s humidity levels. 

The idea of solid hardwood floorings is available in unfinished and prefinished styles. The prefinished one is the flooring idea that gets the factory-applied protective finish, so you don’t need to refinish it before placing. 

Then, the unfinished hardwood is the variation that has no stain or protective layer applied. It means that this hardwood flooring idea should be refinished after installation. 

  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

The engineered hardwood flooring is created by combining some materials and assembled in a cross-grain construction to get superior stability. The expert said that the engineered wood flooring idea will not expand with the season like the previous flooring idea and it also could be installed in the different room inside your home.  

  • Hardwood Species

To find the best flooring for renewing your room, you need to consider the hardwood species. It is very crucial since there are some different species of hardwood with different colors, ranges, grain appearance, and also hardness. 

Some Popular Hardwood Species to Consider


Oak is a traditional American favorite. This wood idea is nice with its distinctive grain and is available in some different ranges of colors. On another hand, oak is also an open grain wood. It means that this wood idea has a good hardness for higher durability. 


Pine is a great hardwood flooring material, especially with its rustic type. The rustic type of wood features both knots and whorls. The pinewood comes in shades of brown, yellow and orange. This wood is soft, so pinewood is more suitable for low-traffic areas. 


The birch is a nice species of hardwood to be applied as the flooring material. This wood is very colorful. Experts said birch is a contemporary wood with an open grain, bold and good durability.


The maple is a well-known wood. It is popular as a colonial American wood. This wood species is commonly applied to create an understated and formal rustic look for room decoration. Many people choose this wood idea since it has excellent hardness. 

At least, some hardwood species are available to be considered as the basic flooring material. If you want to get more wooden species to find your favorite wood flooring concept, you could check the products of Jati Luhur Agung here.

Hardwood Flooring Edges

Hardwood flooring has some different edges that will influence the result of installation. The kinds of flooring edges are square edge, beveled edge, and micro-beveled edge.

Several points above could be the basic for this flooring buying guide that you apply. If you want to get more information, you may contact us at Jati Luhur Agung and we will help you to find the best hardwood flooring, as you want! 

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