Choosing the types of flooring is one of the most basic but important matters during the home renovation project. It is quite reasonable since the idea of flooring will influence the whole appearance of room décor. Well, many flooring ideas are available but hardwood floor becomes one of the most chosen ones.

Many people said that the flooring made from hardwood is nice and beautiful but how do to start with it? You need to underline that choosing the flooring idea made from hardwood is not simple as it is seen. This flooring idea has some color variations but to find the best product, you need to do more matter than consider the appearance and color of the planks. 

On this occasion, we will talk to you about how to choose the best hardwood flooring idea and things to know about installing it. For those who are curious about this flooring idea and want to renew the appearance of flooring at home, please read the following writings below.

How to Choose The Best Hardwood Flooring Idea

As we have said before, in the market, you could find some product variations with different uniqueness. That is why you need to consider some matters to find the best flooring idea and get an interesting result for room decoration.

Some matters to consider in choosing the best hardwood flooring ideas are:

Consider solid or engineered flooring 

Traditionally and widely, hardwood flooring idea comes with solid timber. However, today, many manufacturers offer engineered wood flooring. This flooring idea is a plank made with a thinner top layer from hardwood and then bonded to other layers. Of course, these ideas of wood flooring could be the consideration to choose.

If you want to redecorate the apartments and basements with concrete subfloors, engineered wood flooring offers some advantages. Installing engineered wood flooring on those kinds of subfloors will be easier and it will be more efficient. It means you could finish the projects faster since the engineered floor could be glued directly to the concrete subfloors.

However, if you think about the higher durability, the hardwood flooring idea is still better. Since it is made from solid planks, we are sure that it could be applied for years and you do not need to renovate it quickly.

Choose the pre-finish or site finish 

In choosing the wood flooring idea, you may consider whether to choose the pre-finish or site finish planks. Many people choose the finished wood flooring idea because it is ready to finish. It means that you could directly install the planks to your subfloors and get the best result.

However, choosing the pre-finish wood flooring also could be an option.

By choosing the pre-finish wood flooring, at least you could save your money. Some experts said that the pre-finish wood flooring is cheaper around $4 than the finished one. If you have some skills to re-finish the flooring idea, choosing the pre-finish planks is a nice option. You not only could save money, but also explore the unique appearance of the flooring idea.

Considering the types of finish 

Another important matter to consider in choosing the wood flooring idea is considering the type of finish. Well, this point is quite essential since the types of finish will influence the whole appearance of the flooring idea.

When you go to the market, you will find some interesting flooring ideas with different types of finishing. For example, the wooden flooring idea comes with a penetrating-oil to oil-like hybrid appearance. However, when it is simplified, you will find two categories: oil and polyurethane.

Regarding the wooden flooring types of finish, Jati Luhur Agung provides some variations to consider. Of course, you could call us to do some consultations before choosing the best flooring idea.

Know more about hard wood flooring

Considering the types of wood

The wooden flooring idea is made from different types of wood. That is why you need to consider the wood types in choosing the flooring concept.

In North America, oak becomes the most chosen hardwood to renew the flooring idea. Many people said that oak is a durable wood and it offers an interesting natural grain. On another hand, the price of oak flooring idea is also reasonable. 

On another hand, walnut also becomes another popular option. The main characteristic of this wooden is softer than oak. Then, it has a deeper color that will make it ideal for some different rooms, especially when you want to apply the classical decoration theme. 

Besides the two main popular kinds of woods, you will find flooring ideas made from different woods. The common woods are cherry, maple, hickory, ash, and others. 

At least, the four points above could be the basic consideration when you want to choose the best wooden flooring idea. In addition, you may consider the plank width and grain pattern to find the beautiful hardwood flooring to be applied. 

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How to Install Hardwood Floors

After finding the best hardwood floor idea for room decoration, you also need to know how to install this flooring concept. You need to know that you may need different materials and tools depending on the type of hardwood.  Here, to install the wooden flooring idea, you need to determine the method of installation. Glue installation becomes the basic method to apply. However, you need to be careful since it sometimes will be challenging.

Then, you also need to let the floors acclimate. The main purpose of this matter is to make sure that the planks are patched maximally. It is also needed for you to keep the relative humidity level inside the home. The recommended humidity level is between 35 to 55 percent. Preparing the space also becomes an important matter to do in installing the wooden flooring idea. Before you begin, please make sure that your space is ready. At least, you need to clean and level its surface.

Well, that is all about the hardwood floor that could be a good option for room decoration. Find the best wooden floor with an interesting grain to get a different sense. 

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