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Laminate flooring has become a popular flooring method to improve the aesthetics of a house. With laminate flooring you not only get high quality floor finishes but a variety of other options to choose from. At Jati Luhur Agung, we offer you with professional laminate flooring products and services that looks as appealing as the traditional hardwood flooring.

Laminate flooring is considerably affordable, more sustaining than hardwood, hardwearing, comparatively easy to install and easy to repair when needed. Along with the overall flooring of the house, laminate flooring is also preferred for bathroom and kitchen flooring, which is generally damp or wet.

4 Main Factors to decide the right Laminate Flooring


There are a variety of laminate flooring option available, which vary according to your needs. It begins with the type of finishes, which includes maple, pine, cherry, oak, stone, slate, mahogany, etc.  The choice of finish can either be a modern and clean with bright aesthetic that has a lighter tone or you can have a classic darker appeal.

Material Used

The choice of finish shall decide the type of wood that would be used. While the light tone finishes generally use maple or oak, to get a darker wood finish pine, cherry or mahogany, etc. are used. The durability of the material used is another aspect to consider while choosing it, as it ensures the flooring lasts for years.


Along with flooring finishes, the room or space where the floor lamination is to be done is also important. Laminating a floor can increase the durability of the floor and make it scratch resistant. This makes it best for rooms were you expect heavy traffic, such as kitchens or hallways, which can increase its life. It can also be used for bathroom flooring, which is generally wet to increase the durability of the flooring.


The type of laminate flooring finish and the space it is going to be used for, determines the cost of using it. It also determines the type of manufacturer’s warranty you can get or the expenses you are going to incur. It is recommended to look for affordable laminate flooring options, without compromising on the quality.

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Other Important Features

Board Size

The size of the board you want to use is an important feature to consider. This includes the dimensions of the board, the thickness of the board, etc.

Pack Size

It determines the number of boards you are going to need. Since there are packs available with varying quantity and sizes, you must look for the ones that best fit your needs.

Fitting Profiles

The most common laminate flooring options come with easy to install fitting profile systems. However, the most popular flooring systems include the twin click, top click and click to click, traditional flooring also use tongue in groove system, etc.

What do we offer?

With us you are assured of the best quality products and services. Our experienced professional not only helps you with the floor lamination process but also guide you through the options that you have. Being the most popular Laminate flooring manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia, you are assured of trustworthy and reliable services with complete satisfaction. You get a wide variety of top quality laminate flooring solutions available at the most affordable rates. We also offer guarantee on our products and services and help you to keep your house beautiful and stylish.

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