When we are talking about home remodeling and improvement, flooring is an important side to consider. The appearance of the flooring idea will influence the whole room décor result and it also will increase the décor value. We know that there are many flooring ideas to consider but engineered wood floor manufacturers could be added to your favorite list.

We are sure that solid wood flooring still becomes the favorite of many people. However, the engineered wood floor could be an alternative, especially for those who want to renew their room flooring with flooring concept that has different patterns. Moreover, the engineered wood floor is interesting since it incorporates natural materials.

On this occasion, we will talk about some buying guides, especially for those who want to choose the engineered wood floor in renewing the room decoration. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below!

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

In the market, you will find some ideas for wood flooring. The main types to consider are solid and engineered. Several times ago, it could be said that engineered wood floor is often underestimated, especially since solid hardwood still becomes the favorite flooring idea. You need to know that although it is manufactured, the engineered wood floor is 100% made from wood. 

Physically, the engineered wood floor looks almost identical to the hardwood, especially on its surface. However, this flooring idea is made from different materials. At its core, the engineered wood floor is made from a high-quality plywood core and it is covered with hardwood on its surface. 

For durability matters, the solid flooring idea has better level. However, the engineered wood floor also has good durability matter and it could be applied for years. Some experts said that this flooring idea could be used for up to 30 years. 

Why is Engineered Wood Floor Interesting to Choose?

As we have said before, many flooring ideas are available and the engineered wood floor could be your alternative. However, we have some matters that could be the reasons why you need to consider and choose the engineered wood floor as your best option. 

The reasons for choosing the engineered wood floor for the room decoration project are:

It is cheaper than solid wood

Price always becomes an issue for the room decoration project. I am sure that there will be no problem if you have a huge budget allocation for the decoration project. However, what if the renovation budget is limited? Of course, you need to be selective in choosing the decoration components.

The engineered wood floor is made with different materials on its surface and core. Since it needs a small amount of expensive wood, of course, the price of this flooring idea is cheaper than the solid one. 

Engineered wood flooring is more versatile 

Do you want to renew the flooring of some different rooms at home? Well, an engineered wood floor could be a good option to consider. For the versatile level, it could be said that this wooden flooring idea is better than solid hardwood flooring.

The solid hardwood cannot be placed in the damp room but the engineered wood floor can. You could use the engineered wood floor in renewing both the kitchen and basement with a great result. On another hand, the engineered wood floor also could be installed directly on the top concrete subfloor. That is why installing this flooring idea sometimes is easier to do.

It could be easier to installation

As we have said before, sometimes, installing the engineered wood floor will be easier than solid wood flooring. It is quite reasonable since the solid wood usually needs to be stapled, nailed, or glued.

The engineered wood floor is much simpler to be installed. Many engineered wood floor manufacturers complete with glue. Of course, to instal the flooring idea, you just need to do easier steps and it could be done quickly.

Seeing some matters above, we may see that engineered wood floor has some advantages. Those points also show that an engineered wood floor could be a good flooring option to choose, especially if you want to get a cheaper flooring idea with an interesting surface and quality. 

However, the engineered wood floor still has some disadvantages that you also need to know. Compared with solid wood flooring, the refinishing of the engineered wood floor could be an issue.

Solid hardwood could be refinished several times and it will not be broken. On another side, the engineered wood floor could be refinished but the time is limited. 

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Where to Install Engineered Wood Floor?

The engineered wood floor could be installed in several different rooms inside your home. Some experts said that this flooring idea could be installed easily anywhere! 

This flooring idea could be installed in the family room, dining room, kitchen, basement, and others. Of course, in the different places, the installation results will be maximal.

What to Consider in Choosing The Best Engineered Wood Floor?

On the market, you may find many options for an engineered wood floor with different specificiations and other details. To find the best flooring idea, you need to be selective and know what to consider in choosing it.

For example, you need to consider veneer quality identification. In the market, you will find the products of engineered wood floors with different veneer grades. The codes are AB, ABC, ABCD, BCD, CD, CDE, or EF. For this matter, choose the engineered wood floor with high veneer grade.

Then, you also need to consider the plywood quality ranking. Since the engineered wood floor is made from plywood on its core, of course, choosing the plywood with the highest quality will help you to find the best flooring idea.

Jati Luhur Agung: The Best Place to Buy Engineered Wood Floor 

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