Believe it or not, waterproof hardwood flooring really exists. When it comes to waterproof hardwood flooring, it will always relate to engineered wood floor. Now, if you are looking for waterproof hardwood floor, there are many options available for you.

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Waterproof?

Basically, hardwood flooring is not waterproof. It should be specifically made for waterproof performance. Since wood can be damaged easily by water, the existence of waterproof hardwood floor seems like impossible. However, you have to thank to new technologies. Because of that, many manufacturers offer waterproof hardwood flooring now.

Waterproof hardwood flooring first appeared in the market in 2019. It is becoming popular so fast. Today, it is available in a wide range of finishes, styles, colors, and wood species.

What Does Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor Mean?

Waterproof hardwood flooring means an engineered hardwood floor enhanced with innovative tech to make it resistant to water. The tech varies by manufacturers. However, they apply a highly protective & durable hydrophobic sealant to all sides of planks for preventing water infiltration. 

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring: Solid Vs Engineered Wood Floor

Solid hardwood floor planks come from a solid piece of hardwood. Of course, sealing materials and traditional stains are applied but not to all sides. You know that water that seeps between hardwood planks may cause damage. In simple words, we can say that solid hardwood floor is water-resistant. However, it is not waterproof.

Then, traditional processed wood is made with a base made from plywood layers bonded together with a real wood layer on top. Generally, the top wood layer is a veneer that is unable to be refinished. However, some that wood with thicker top layers of solid wood can be refinished once or a few times.

Why Is Waterproof Hardwood Different from Engineered Wood Floor?

Traditional non-waterproof engineered wood is cheaper compared to solid wood. However, it is more stable, making it less prone to shrinking in the dry air and warping in the humid air.

The top layer of an engineered wood floor comes with a sealing agent coat. So, it will be less prone to water damage. However, it will still be damaged if water penetrates the core of the plywood.

For your information, waterproof wood flooring is always engineered wood. It means that the floor includes an inner core that has high density with real hardwood veneer on top. Then, the high-density core and base are made of waterproof materials like polymers and stone, referred to as stone plastic composite (SPC).

The planks are coated on all 6 sides to seal them in order to prevent water absorption. Besides that, the planks are designed to lock tightly together when installed. It keeps the water from getting between them & into a wood subfloor. If it happens, it will certainly cause damage.

Is Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor Really Waterproof?

Manufacturers say that their products of waterproof floors are really waterproof. However, since this is a relatively new product, we still need to see the long-term result in the future.

We all know that the engineered wood floor is highly resistant to water. If you allow water to remain on the floor, you will find the floor not swell, mold, warp, and stain.

Does Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor Look & Feel Like Wood?

You need to know that waterproof engineered hardwood floor doesn’t look & feel like wood. In fact, its top layer is 100% real hardwood. If you want to create the solid hardwood ‘feel’ when you walk on it, you can install a subfloor. For its material, underlayment & installation guidelines, you have to use the recommendations from the manufacturer.

Why Do You Choose Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor?

Some of the biggest threats to your wood floor include water, moisture & other liquids. Of course, nothing is worse than making an investment into your home floor & seeing it turn into an expensive catastrophe quickly.

In fact, liquids that penetrate through the hardwood grain can destroy the hardwood. Warping, buckling, stains, and fading can also turn your otherwise stunning floor. Besides that, excessive moisture will cause mold to grow & flourish.

Here, waterproof wood floor provides the advantages of authentic hardwood including unsurpassed comfort & feel, warmth, and unique beauty. So, you will not only get real hardwood on top but also a waterproof, composite core underneath. For your information, it uses real hardwood for the top layer veneer. It is attached to core, made from 3 to 11 layers of waterproof laminate.

Unlike solid wood floor, which is protected by a water-resistant coat on its surface, waterproof engineered wood stops water and moisture in its tracks. So, it will prevent the inside damage out.

Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor Vs Hardwood Floor with a Water-resistant Coating

Waterproof engineered hardwood floor is different from solid hardwood with a water-resistant coating, either unfinished or prefinished. The main difference come down to time. For your information, waterproof engineered wood can be exposed to liquid with no time limit. It means, pooling water will remain on its surface without causing damage to the floor. Finally, the core design of each plank determines whether it is waterproof. If its core is not waterproof, there is always the risk of water breach.

Solid hardwood is just solid wood and there is no waterproof core. It means, liquid is able to penetrate into the grain deeply. Then, it forms mold and ruins from within. Since waterproof engineered wood floor has a waterproof core, it can handle wet feet, spills, and standing water better. Even more, you don’t need to worry if you wait longer to wipe up spills.

What Are the Best Waterproof Engineered Wood Floor Products?

In the end, we can conclude that waterproof hardwood flooring has some benefits including the uniqueness & natural beauty of wood, waterproof protection, a pet-proof & kid-friendly wear layer, and the versatile installation in any room. If you are looking for the best waterproof engineered wood floor, you can buy Raintree waterproof hardwood flooring, Lifecore flooring H2OME hardwood flooring, Bruce Hydropel hardwood flooring, or other good alternatives at Jati Luhur Agung. For more details, you can find it on

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