Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Finding an ideal flooring type for your new house is an important matter. The flooring will be very useful to create a beautiful look for the room. Of course, with an interesting room view, you also will have a comfortable room to stay. About the flooring idea, laminate flooring could be a good flooring option that you could consider. 

Something that you need to know, laminate is a popular type of flooring in recent times. The main reason why this flooring so popular is its affordability. On another hand, the laminate floor also has many designs to choose from based on your intention to decorate your room.

However, to know more about this flooring idea, here we will talk to you about some of its pros and cons. These two matters are important as another consideration before you apply laminate as your flooring idea. 

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

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Every flooring product and idea has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, knowing these two matters are quite important to make sure that your flooring option is great. 


The idea of a laminate floor is excellent by some of its pros. The advantages of using this flooring idea in the concept of room decoration are:

Moisture resistance

Most homeowners choose the laminate floor because it is a cheaper option than hardwood flooring. Well, besides its cheaper price, this flooring idea is great with its moisture resistance.

By its characteristics, this flooring idea could be applied in different areas inside your home. Of course, the moisture resistance means that this flooring idea will have better durability and it is strong enough to use in years. However, the laminate floor idea is not recommended to be applied to cover the bathrooms and kitchens.

Stone and hardwood imitation

As we have said before, the laminate floor idea comes with several different and interesting designs. Of course, with its design options, you are free and easy to find the best design to renew the whole look of your room flooring idea. 

About the design, you could see a unique surface of the laminate floor that seems realistic like embossed store and wood. Of course, this unique design will improve the standard of this flooring concept. Of course, compared with stone and hardwood flooring, the laminate idea is cheaper. 

Effortless installation

Besides its affordable and water-resistant, the other pros of laminate flooring are its effortless installation. As we know, some homeowners prefer to install the flooring with their hands. In common, the reason is to decrease the installing cost. 

Well, something you need to know, laminate floor idea is quite easy to cut. This flooring idea is made to be a floating floor. Of course, it will be easy to be laid out on your floor. You do not need to have special skills to install the flooring idea. 

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Another reason why the laminate floor is popular –and it also becomes its pros, is an easiness in maintenance and cleaning. Here, to clean this flooring idea. you just need to sweep it and vacuum its surface regularly as possible. Besides, you also could mop it.

Different from hardwood flooring, here you do not need to do regular polishing to maintain it. Of course, it could be concluded that maintaining laminate flooring is quite simple and easy to do. Moreover, you do not need to use a special kit there.  


Cost always becomes an important matter to consider when we are talking about flooring ideas. As we have said before, a laminate floor idea is popular by its effective cost. Of course, if you want to control the flooring budget, this flooring idea could be your best choice.

Well, several points above are the cons of a laminate floor idea that you need to know. It could be concluded that this flooring idea is not only cheap from its price but also interesting with its design. 

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Besides its pros, a laminate floor idea has some cons that you also need to know. Of course, knowing its cons is also important to maintain your expectation.

Some cons of this flooring idea are:

Less water-resistant than waterproof vinyl

The waterproof laminate floor idea has a good water-resistant design. However, it cannot still compare to waterproof vinyl. It means that if the water is left too long on the surface of the laminate floor, of course, the surface will be damaged. 

Besides, the waterproof vinyl has a higher quality of water-resistant. Although the water is left too long from the surface, the flooring idea will be OK.

Not suitable for bathrooms and basements

We are sure that the laminate floor idea comes with some great improvements. However, the use of this flooring idea is still limited. You cannot use the laminate floor idea to cover the surface of both bathrooms and basements. 

However, if you still want to install the laminate floor for bathrooms and basements, you need to apply both underlayer and vapor barrier. Besides, the glue should be applied too and you need to be more careful during the installation. 

More expensive than traditional laminate

When it is compared to traditional laminate, the waterproof laminate floor idea is more expensive. The expensive price comes because of the improved design.

It means before you decide to choose the waterproof laminate idea, please check your budget. Of course, it is quite important, especially for those who want to apply this flooring idea to some areas inside your home. 

Is It Worth to Get Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

are laminate flooring worth to buy

Substantively, the answer to the question above is quite subjective. However, as we have explained before, the waterproof laminate floor idea is a good improvement from the traditional series. Not only about better protection against moisture, but also it has better durability.

This flooring idea will provide great protection against tearing and scratches. By this matter, the flooring idea could be an excellent option, especially for those who have kids or pets. 

On another hand, waterproof laminate flooring is also interesting with its easiness maintenance. Of course, by simple maintenance, you do not need to prepare special kits to keep the good condition of your flooring. If you want to know about laminate flooring, you can contact us via mail here.