warmth of kitchen countertop

Countertop belongs to the most important features of the kitchen. In fact, you work with your preferred design every day. Besides that, your guest will also be impressed with the cozy countertop for appetizers, wide, etc. Today, kitchen wood becomes more popular because of the natural look, detailed grains, and different color schemes. Mostly, people apply wood in the kitchen for countertops even though it is also possible to apply wood for other parts such as floors, cabinets, ceiling, etc.

Benefits of Kitchen Wood

When choosing a material, function, maintenance, color, and durability, all have an important role. Although marble, solid surfacing, and granite still belong to the most widely used & valued materials due to their great qualities, the warmth of wood is becoming more popular.

Made of pieces of hardwood laminated with glue for stability and strength, natural wood countertops provide a warm, organic surface in the kitchen. In fact, it is not only forgiving and gentle on dishware but also can absorb the noise. In addition, you can revive it if damaged. Moreover, if it gets gouged, stained, or dinged, you can still refinish it.

Undoubtedly, wood is very stunning. A custom butcher block countertop provides a wow factor other materials offer. Even more, wood can complement a range of styles or designs and is highly customizable. Instantly, it adds welcoming warmth to any space.

There are a few reasons why wood kitchen modern becomes a favorite choice. Before you decide to apply wood countertops, make sure that you pay attention to the following advantages of kitchen wood.

Work with Any Design/Style

Wood countertops really work well with any design or style including modern, traditional, and transitional. So, whatever the style of kitchen you want, wood countertops become an ideal option.


There’s something wood offers but other materials cannot: warmth. In fact, wood doesn’t only provide warmth in look but is literally warmer to the touch than concrete, tone, tile, and many other materials. So, if you want a warm kitchen, wood is the best material to choose, especially for countertops.


For your information, wood countertops are mostly made of reclaimed wood. However, it is changing. Today, wood is salvaged & repurposed for green kitchen countertops. Wood countertops are mostly recyclable. Different from granite, wood belongs to a renewable resource because trees can grow back so that forests can be repopulated.

Choosing Kitchen Wood Materials

The natural imperfection of wood countertops really adds character. Just feel free to add wood tops. Over time, wood cabinetry is going to age & develop a warm patina. One of the greatest examples is cherry. When designing a kitchen, it is better to create an impressive transitional masterpiece rather than to include the traditional wood countertop in the contemporary space.

You can find different types of kitchen wood for countertops. Hardwood still belongs to the most popular option. Types of wood include teak, birch, oak, cherry, and maple. Then, bamboo is a grass. However, it has a wood-like appearance. Stylistically, you have a few options such as end grain or face grain planks, panels, parquet, butcher black, or other designs. Even more, edge treatments come with different appearances.

Kitchen Wood Compositions

Although they have similar constructions, there are some ways to configure them. It depends on the kind of wood you are going to choose. There are 2 compositions you can choose:

Edge Grain

This is when wood strips are placed edge to edge and length-wise, to form longer and sleeker surfaces. Usually, people use it for traditional countertops as it looks smooth & beautiful in any kitchen style.

End Grain

Often, people use it in islands or butcher blocks. For your information, it uses short blocks of arranged wood. Typically, these wood countertops are thicker, more durable, and form a checker-board pattern. When you use a knife against the surface, the blade is not dulled as it squeezes between the grains.

Now, you can get a wood countertop that brings warmth to your kitchen. It complements your tile floors and stainless-steel appliances. For your contemporary kitchen, you can consider a flat grain plank-style checkerboard wood countertop. It really makes your kitchen homier. Besides that, it becomes a beautiful conversation piece. This will be perfect for a small kitchen wooden design.

With wood, you can bring your old kitchen back to life. It is interesting because wood countertops blend with the existing cabinets. Moreover, these also make you feel like having a completely new kitchen. Every time walking into the kitchen, you will feel how amazing it is.

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How to Maintain Kitchen Wood Countertops

People think that wood contains a great deal of bacteria. In fact, trees contain healing enzymes that kill off bacteria within 36 hours. So, you just need warm water & soap to maintain your wooded countertops.

You have to know that wood countertops are easy to sanitize. Even more, they also naturally kill bacteria. Germs will not take root in your kitchen countertops, unless you neglect them. Anyway, the most important thing is to keep them clean. If you want to have hygienic countertops, you should also disinfect them occasionally. Below are a few tips to maintain your wood countertops:

1. Keep wood countertops clean with water and mild soap!

2. Follow the manufacturer’s advices on maintaining the specific finish!

3. Never allow wood countertops to soak with liquids like water!

Is Kitchen Wood Countertop the Right Choice for Your Home?

You need to regularly seal butcher block countertops to keep them from absorbing liquid. Here, you have many options. Which one you should choose depends on how you will use the countertop. So, is it right to choose wood countertops for your home?

It depends on the feel and look you want in your kitchen. We know that kitchen wood butcher block countertops are amazing. If you like the natural beauty of wood & want to spend a minimal effort to clean and maintain your investment, a wood countertop is a great addition for many years to come. Furthermore, a wood butcher block countertop will transform your kitchen into an artwork. To buy high high-quality wood countertops, you can contact Jati Luhur Agung to make an order.

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