facts about wood countertops

After being turned down by the show of stone like marble and granite some years ago, the wood countertops kitchen is enjoying the real comeback now. Constructed by using the pieces of hardwood and laminated together with glue for better stability and strength, they provide a nice warmth.

On another side, for those who want to redecorate their kitchen look, this idea of countertop will provide an organic landing kitchen that could kill the noise or the sense of a busy household. We are sure that the appearance of the wood countertops will produce more peace inside the room. 

Wood is also special, especially for its application. For this matter, the wood countertops could be dealt with the natural kitchen concept. Then, for those who want to apply a contemporary kitchen style, this idea of kitchen countertop still could be applied. 

Why Go with Wood Countertops to Decorate The Kitchen?

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If you look for a style of countertops in renewing the looks of kitchen décor, you will find kinds of countertops with different details. However, a wood countertop is a nice option with some of its benefits.

The majority of the wood countertops are made from traditional butcher blocks. Of course, with its traditional materials, you will find feel a huge sense of nature there. Those who want to have more sense of nature inside their kitchen should apply this idea of countertops. 

On another hand, the wood countertop also will favor more for the detailed look. You will find a textural contrast or maybe a furniture-like finish that you never find in the different countertops. 

In choosing the wood countertop as a way of kitchen decoration, you also will find some woods variations. Of course, the varieties of woods that are available are impressive. You will find variations from subtly grained maple to deep or from rich walnut to dramatic mesquite. 

Well, it could be concluded that wood is a good choice for kitchen countertop. However, you need to add more attention, especially to the maintenance to keep the condition of the wood countertop always good. 

Pros of wood countertops kitchen

pros of using wood countertops

As we have said before, substantively, the wood countertop is an option for kitchen countertops to consider. However, the wood countertop is nice, especially with some of its pros.

Well, before choosing wood countertops kitchen as your choice, you need to know some pros of it. Of course, by knowing some pros of this countertop, you will have more reason to decide it as your best countertop in kitchen redecoration.

Some pros of wood countertops kitchen that could be another reason before choosing it as your best countertops are:


If you just prepare limited budget to redecorate your kitchen, the wood countertops kitchen is a good option to consider. Well, it is quite reasonable since a butcher-block counter is made from beech or birch.

The use of these materials is great to decrease the price. We are sure that you could find a low-budget countertop than the laminate ones. The price of this countertop is also lower than the natural stones or engineered materials.

Easy to install

Do you imagine creating your DIY countertop? Well, creating a DIY kitchen countertop sometimes is interesting since you could explore your imagination and skill. 

The wood countertops kitchen delivers easiness to create a good kitchen countertop. For this matter, DIYers could cut the prefab butcher-block tops. Then, they could fit it around corners, sinks, and other matters as they want.

Of course, the appliances of these wood countertops kitchen will be easier than the stone and other materials. You also could apply some kinds of finishing to renew the appearance of the wood countertops. 

Wood is strong and soft

The wood is unique. It is strong and soft. Of course, by its strength, you could use the wood materials for years. Then, with its softness, arranging the wood countertops kitchen will be easier and you will get a nice warmth of the kitchen decoration.

Easy to maintenance

Another pro of wood kitchen countertop is its easiness of maintenance. As we know, the deep gouges, the knife scratches, or even the burn marks could damage the appearance of the kitchen countertop.

However, the wood countertop is unique. On its damaged condition, you will have an easy matter to maintenance. By using some stuff, of course, you could refinish its appearance and you will get a new appearance of a good kitchen countertop.

Well, some points as above are the pros of kitchen wood countertops that could be an additional consideration in choosing a good countertop. We are sure that this countertop idea still has more pros to explore. 

Cons of Wood Kitchen Countertops

Although wood kitchen countertop has some pros as we have mentioned before, this countertop idea still has some cons that you also need to know. Of course, knowing some cons of wood kitchen countertop is also important, especially to prepare about what you need to do during the maintenance.

Some cons of wood kitchen countertop are:

The countertop moves

The first matter about the wood kitchen countertop that you need to know is it doesn’t have a stable condition. It means the appearance of wood could change because of the moisture of the atmosphere. 

It needs maintenance

We are sure that all kitchen countertops will need maintenance to keep theirnice appearance. However, if you apply the wood kitchen countertop, you could notice that this idea of countertop will need more maintenance than the other material. 

The factor of this matter is relevant with the previous point. Since the condition of wood could change because of time of use and other conditions, the countertop needs maintenance. Maybe, it is simple for those who have skills. However, for those who have little knowledge about wood and countertop, it will be very disturbing.

Well, that is all about the wood kitchen countertop that you need to know. By its appearance, a wood kitchen countertop is a good option, especially for those who want to renew their kitchen look. Of course, considering the modern wood kitchen countertops is nice to get a more interesting sense.However, the wood kitchen countertop needs more maintenance. You should be ready for it! If you want to know more about countertops kitchen in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us here