Types of Scratch-Resistant NJt Flooring

If you want to replace your old flooring with a new scratch resistant option, there are a few materials you can consider. In fact, scratch-resistant floor is a basic need of those who have pets and kids. Because there are too many options, it is difficult enough to find the most ideal one. That’s why we will help you to compare some of the most recommended scratch-resistant floors.

What Is the Best Scratch-Resistant Flooring?

best scratch resistant flooring

There are at least 7 best options of NJt flooring materials that are resistant to scratch. We will explain each of them in detail.


Vinyl belongs to the most popular scratch-resistant material for flooring. In addition to being durable, vinyl is also affordable. Moreover, it requires low maintenance. Then, you can also make this synthetic material to look like other floors. In fact, it can mimic tile, stone, or even wood. If you are interested in vinyl flooring, you can choose either vinyl plank or vinyl sheet.

For the durability, vinyl plank is better than another type because it is water-resistant, durable, and last longer. If there’s any accident, you can also replace one vinyl plank more easily. Meanwhile, if you repair small sections of vinyl sheets, water may seep in through the seams.


If you are looking for a scratch resistant material for home flooring, laminate can also be a good alternative. This is a classic flooring option that is sturdy and looks stylish. Even more, this water-resistant & scratch-proof hardwood is affordable, too.

You need to know that laminate flooring is a dense composite material consisting 3 layers. At the bottom, there’s the base layer from high-density fiberboard or plywood. This base layer provides the strength. The next layer is the image layer. This is a photo-realistic image of tile, stone, wood, or anything else it is mimicking. On the top, there’s the wear layer where it is a water-resistant and protective plasticated layer that guards against damage and fading. This is what makes laminate flooring resist to scratch.

In addition to the ability to mimic the appearance of other wood floorings, laminate is also very hard. Therefore, your pets and kids cannot destroy it. However, it is not 100% waterproof. Besides that, the base layer mays well when water seeps between the laminate planks. And if it is damaged, you have to replace it because repairing and refinishing are impossible.


The next recommended option is tile. It is available in different types such as cement, stone, porcelain, and ceramic. If you want rustic-looking tiles, ceramic should be your choice as it is made from fired clay.

Meanwhile, porcelain is a kind of ceramic, crafted from a refined clay & baked at a high temperature. That’s why it is very hard and resistant to scratch. Unfortunately, it is a bit slippery. People often apply porcelain tile flooring in bathrooms because due to its water resistance. Besides that, you also need to thank to its ease of installation.

Then, stone tile is made of different kinds of stone such as granite, marble, and sandstone. There are many types of stone flooring but keep in mind that they offer different levels of scratch resistance.

For cement tile, it is unique enough. Besides that, it will fill your home with stunning colors & patterns. But it requires quite sealing. At the end, we can say that unglazed porcelain is the best choice. For your information, it is super dense, scratch resistant, and waterproof.


Then, bamboo is also a great option of scratch-resistant flooring. This is extremely strong. Even more, its hardness is more than twice as oak. Then, bamboo flooring may come from horizontal or vertical bamboo planks. And, the most scratch-resistant & durable option is strand-woven bamboo, a kind of bamboo that is made of shredded bamboo fibers that is combined with a tough resin.

In addition, bamboo flooring may be carbonized or non-carbonized. Then, bamboo is also cost-efficient where it costs from $4 – $10 / square foot. But the price varies by its style. Usually, carbonized bamboo is more expensive due to the long treatment process.

Now, sellers also make both engineered bamboo and solid planks. Engineered bamboo flooring is more sustainable and comes in various options. Moreover, you can refinish it. Meanwhile, engineered bamboo may be more prone to water damage. Sometimes, engineered bamboo is also more expensive than solid bamboo.

Poured Concrete

Recently, poured concrete is very popular because it looks chic. Besides that, it is very durable, scratch-resistant, and low in maintenance. Actually, it is a concrete that is poured & polished. You must remove the old flooring to expose the existing concrete subfloor. If you find any area that requires repairing, you just need to pour fresh concrete over the top. Then, add a sealer coat on top to give it strength & shine.

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What makes it a good choice is its durability. In fact, a yearly sealer or scratch resistant paint make it resist to water & scratch. But people also think that a yearly maintenance belongs to a downside. Another downside is that concrete is very cold.


Cork is another good option of scratch-resistant flooring. This is a sustainable material. It doesn’t only prevent scratch but also muffle sounds. So, if your pets and kids run on it all day, it remains headache-free. You also need to know that cork is mold & mildew-resistant, thanks to its anti-microbial properties. Moreover, it holds in heat. But you need to reseal it periodically.


The last option is carpet. This is a good idea for quick cover as you can install & remove it easily. If you have no fabric surfaces at home, carpet absorb sound, too. However, keep in mind that this is not a permanent flooring.

Choose the Best Scratch Resistant Flooring!

best scratch resistant flooring

From the options available above, you can choose your desired scratch resistant flooring. The most important thing is that you purchase it at a reputable supplier like jla.co.id (Jati Luhur Agung). So, if you need scratch-resistant materials for flooring, just feel free to contact Jati Luhur Agung!

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