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Kitchen decoration always becomes an interesting theme to be discussed. We realize that the kitchen now is more than a place to cook. Many modern homes come with a more useful concept: the kitchen also becomes an alternative private place to gather with family. That is why assuming the modern kitchen design in 2022 that will be a new trend is also interesting to do. 

When we are talking about kitchen concepts, we often could quickly look at its appearance and then associate its design with the particular era. For example, the yellow fridges become the identity of 1970s kitchen design and the use of subway tile dominate the 21st century. 

But, what will be the biggest kitchen trends come in 2022? 

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After doing some research, here we go with 7 predictions about the kitchen decoration that will be a new trend in 2022. Of course, you could consider it, especially if you have a plan to redecorate your kitchen at home. 

Colorful Cabinet Colors

The first prediction about the kitchen trend in 2022 is the colorful cabinet colors. About this matter, the designer Julia Miller predicts that the fresh cabinetry colors will create new and bigger waves in 2022. She said that the neutral cabinet will always get the place, but the colorful ideas will be coming in a new way. 

“We will be seeing colors that are saturated. That is why this idea still could be paired and combined with the neutral color cabinet or even natural wood cabinet”. Of course, through this combination, we realize that the kitchen looks will be richer. 

Pops of Greige

Pops of Greige kitchen

For those who love neutral as the basic kitchen décor, the designer Cameron Jones predicts that the new kitchen concept that will be coming is grey with a hint of brown, or it is called greige. “The color feels more modern and it is also timeless at the same time”, said Jones.

We realize that this simple combination will provide a very interesting look. It will keep the sense of nature but add a more fantastic look. The kitchen décor with this concept will be more incredible if you add both silver and gold-toned metal for the hardware and lighting. 

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Countertop Cabinets

Countertop Cabinets

The next prediction about the new kitchen design that will be a tren in 2022 is the concept of countertop cabinets. About this matter, designer Erin Zubot said that people will be more familiar with the countertop cabinets since the countertops increase the kitchen modernity and deliver a sleek kitchen look. 

Double Islands

Why stop at just one island inside the kitchen décor when you could have two? 

About this matter, designer Dana Dyson said that the allowed double islands inside the kitchen will increase the role of the kitchen inside the home. The first kitchen island could be used to prepare the foods and the other could be used to enjoy the dining.

Moreover, as we have said before, the kitchen today becomes an alternative private place inside the home. Of course, with the concept of the double islands, there will be more space to sit inside the kitchen. That is why this concept is predicted could be seen everywhere in 2022. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is also predicted as another kitchen décor trend that will bloom in 2022. About this idea, Dyson said that people will see more open shelving inside the kitchen décor, especially since this idea will be useful to save some kitchen stuff and display. She also said, “adding the open shelving inside the kitchen will also be prevalent in coffee stations within the kitchen”.

We argue that this kitchen decoration concept is also very interesting. Since the minimalism and neutral concept now become the favorite of many people, the open shelving idea is another concept to be added. Directly, it will create a clean kitchen look. The kitchen also will look larger with this décor idea. 

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Banquette Seating Connected to the Corner


The next prediction about the future kitchen trend that will be applied in 2022 is the Banquette Seating Connected to the Corner. For this décor concept, designer Lee Harmon Waters said that the island flanked with the barstool is falling to the wayside. Then, it could be used to be another seating set up inside the kitchen. 

Remember that kitchen also becomes another private place inside the home. Well, there is a correlation between the needs of the people and this kitchen décor concept. By applying the Banquette Seating Connected to the Corner concept, you will find another comfortable place to sit inside the kitchen. 

Then, we realize that the focus of this décor trend is about arranging space. With this idea, you could explore more spaces inside the kitchen, especially maximizing the kitchen corner to be a more useful space. 

Light Woods

Light woods

Everyone will agree that wood is a good material to be applied in kitchen décor concepts. Many kitchen concepts use wood as part of the material to create a new look with a higher comfort sense. However, when we are talking about the kitchen trend for 2022, we predict that it is about the light woods.

Designer Tracy Morris said that the lighter tones such as hickory and rye will look amazing and nice in both traditional and modern kitchens. It means that this decoration concept could be applied to different themes of kitchen decoration. 

The traditional kitchen could use the wood tone on the island with an inset cabinet. Then, for the modern kitchen, the wood tone could be applied in the complete floor-to-ceiling cabinet. On this matter, people also apply it as the wall for the refrigerator. 

Well, that is all of our predictions about the kitchen trend that will bloom and could be seen everywhere in 2022. Of course, if you have an intention to redecorate your kitchen style, you may consider some ideas above. 

Something to be underlined, decorating a kitchen is not only about renewing color, but also stuff arrangement. It is a thing that will increase the comfortable sense inside the kitchen.

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