wood drawer parts

Whether you are planning to rearrange, renovate your kitchen, or replace the drawer, there are some wood drawer parts that you will need to purchase from the market. Just like other versatile furniture, the wood drawer in your kitchen consists of different parts that can make such functions and benefits applicable by the users. So, when you have the wood drawer project at home, you will want to consider comprehending these important wood drawer parts.

Wood drawer pulls

The wood drawer pulls are the first and foremost things that your guests will look at. Often, homeowners change their dull drawer pulls with the newer one to change the design of their kitchen.

The Kitchen drawer pulls come in a wide array of colors, shapes, designs, and styles. And you are free to pick anything suitable with your current kitchen drawer. It does not take a lot of time to install the wood drawer pulls successfully. Choosing the wood drawer parts can be a challenging task for you. You will need to choose one which is suitable for your drawer. Consider the weight and size of your drawer so that you will be able to pick strong enough pulls for it. The wood drawer pulls come in a wide array of shapes and designs. Make sure to choose the right sized drawer pulls. The size of the drawers can be the determining factor to pick the drawer. The pull will need to be appropriate in size and strength. The last thing you want is that the pull is released from your drawer because it is not strong enough to pull the weight of it.

The style will be an important aspect when choosing the drawer pulls. It is because the pulls are the first thing to see and touch to pull the drawer. It gives such a strong accent to your kitchen. Simply think about the overall style of the kitchen. You will find out what kind of style that you can choose for your pulls.

Drawer Handles

Handles are also considered as the final touch of the drawer. These come in different types, shapes, and styles. Folks often mistake the handles for pulls, or vice versa. Well, handles and pulls are different. Pulls, as the name suggests, is designed to pull. The handles are also designed for being pulled. Although the function is similar, there is a distinct characteristic.

Handles are smaller than pulls. The pulls tend to be used in larger sized cabinets or drawers. Meanwhile, handles come in various sizes. Although handles can also be used for larger drawers, some homemakers have coined these phrases. But anyway, you cannot go wrong with using all of these phrases to shop around. At the end of the day, both handles and pulls have the same function, which is to pull the drawer out.

The handles should also be assembled with the right sized drawer. Before attaining new handles for your kitchen drawer, make sure to measure the weight and dimension of the drawer. The key here is that you can conveniently use the handles without struggling. The hand of the users will also need to fit on the wood drawer parts handle. Don’t go for the handles that are not comfortable to touch and use.

The style and design are also important aspects in choosing the right handles for your kitchen drawer. They need to match with the whole design of the kitchen cabinet. They also need to match your overall kitchen interior.

You will want to decide whether you are going with the traditional and antique handles, or the vintage, or the contemporary ones? Or perhaps, you want to make the fusion of all of these things. There are many successful examples where the homeowners managed to mix the modern and traditional styles when installing their wood drawer parts.

Drawer Slides

wood drawer parts

The wooden drawer slides are pivotal wood drawer parts. Conventionally, the slides are about the strips of wood which are tenoned into horizontal rails at the surface of the cabinet. The drawer slides should provide a good fit but not too tightly so that the users can easily open and close the drawer of the kitchen cabinet. The wooden drawer slides are the traditional slides wood drawer parts.

It is a bit tricky to choose the wooden drawer slides from the market because not all crafts are equal.

The wood drawer parts which are made of wood have their uniqueness. Traditionally, the drawers are running along with wooden runners or slides. Choosing the wooden variant of the slider can be a bit tricky since not all providers offer the same quality of the wood drawer parts.

Consider sticking to the trustworthy and reliable wood drawer parts provider. The key to a nice sliding wood drawer is the minimal friction and easy opening. Only experienced professionals can perform such crafts and make the great slides that you need for your drawer.

The good thing about wooden slides is that these are flexible options for the budget-conscious. When you order the new wooden drawer slides for you, the bills of installation will be the last thing you concern. Meanwhile, the mechanical slides tend to be more expensive and often mismatch with your current kitchen drawer.

Without annoying metal fittings, the wood drawer parts can add more value to your kitchen design. The slides made of wood tend to have a more valuable aesthetic than the metal one. No one can overcome the natural design of the woods. You can appreciate the craftsmanship of the wooden drawer. The wood drawer parts are the winning option for woody lovers.

Drawer Track Kits

The track kits are important wood drawer parts that can help you to manage the track system of the drawer. The kits usually include the wooden track, brackets, the guide, and the plate. The kits are useful to help you to repair one wooden drawer track system. The track is one of the most important wood drawer parts for smoother operation. You can use it for the top and bottom mount installations.

The Track Guides

The track guides are crucial wood drawer parts that are used to align the kitchen drawer. It contributes to the smoother operation of the drawers.