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It could be said that wood cutting board becomes one of the most important compliments for the kitchen. A cutting board could be applied for some functions. It could be applied as a chopping block, food preparation surface, or serving station. Since it has a complete and important function, of course, having a durable cutting board in the kitchen is also important. 

Wood could be chosen as one of the best materials for cutting boards. The pro chefs said that the cutting board made from wood is better than plastic since it is more impact resistant and sanitary. On another hand, the wooden cutting board is also gentler on knife blades than bamboo. For its price, the wooden cutting board is cheaper than granite or marble.

On this occasion, we will talk about some matters of the wooden cutting board. Of course, by knowing more about this matter, you will know why you need to choose it and how to find the best cutting board.

What to Consider in Choosing Wooden Cutting Board?

Since the cutting board has important functions in the kitchen, finding a durable cutting board is a must. As we have said before, wood becomes a nice material of cutting board to choose from. However, to find the best cutting board, you need to be selective.

There are some matters to consider when you want to choose the best wooden cutting board. The things to consider are:

1) Dimension

It could be said that the products of the cutting board come in many sizes. In common, the smallest size is 6 x 8 inches then the largest size of the cutting board is up to 24 x 18 inches. Many people said that the larger size of the cutting board is better. However, you could consider your needs before choosing the right size. 

About the dimension of the cutting board, do not forget to check its thickness. The common thickness of a cutting board is around ½ to 2 inches. It could be said that the thickness of the cutting board also will influence its durability.

2) Hardness

Another matter to consider in choosing a good wood cutting board is the hardness. In common, there are two major types of wood: softwood and hardwood. 

Softwood has an evergreen typical and includes cone-bearing trees. The kinds of softwoods are cedar, pine, hickory, and redwood. Then, the hardwoods are the leaf-bearing trees. It produced nuts or fruits. The kinds of hardwoods are teak, maple, oak, and mahogany. 

It could be said that hardwood tends to grow slower and is rare. However, it is more durable and could be a better material to produce the different kinds of cutting boards.

3) Woodgrain

The woodgrain also becomes an important matter to consider in choosing the right cutting board. Technically, this matter refers to the size, direction, and surface appearance of the cutting board.

Here, to find a better cutting board, it is nice if you choose wood with a closed grain. It means that the wood has smaller pores and a smooth finish. On another side, the open grain wood has larger pores. It will easily absorb bits of food and liquid. 

At least, those three matters could be the basic consideration to ease you in choosing the right and best cutting board made from woods. In addition, it is also nice to choose the kinds of cutting board with some extra features. The complete features, of course, will be very useful to fill your needs. 

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The Best Materials for Cutting Board Wood

Based on some criteria above, it could be said that hardwood is a better material to find the best wood cutting board. It is quite reasonable since the hardwood is durable, scratch-resistant, and will not get grimy.

Here, we have some wood species that could be considered the best materials for cutting board wood. The kinds of woods to consider are:

1) Maple

The first kind of wood that is best as the cutting board material is maple. It could be said that maple is the industry standard for wooden cutting boards. The use of maple is because this wood material could provide an excellent cutting surface. On another hand, it also has closed grain and small pores that are effective to block the kinds of bacteria.

Maple is also very interesting with its natural pattern. For those who want to have an awesome kitchen tool with a natural appearance, maple is one of the best options. 

2) Ash

Another best wood to be applied as the cutting board material is ash. You need to know that ash is an excellent material for cutting board since it has around 1,300lbf for the Jnak scale.

The scale shows that ash is hard and it is also durable. Another excellent matter of this material is the pleasantly light tone. The natural appearance will deliver a beautiful addition to your kitchen tool. 

3) Acacia

It could be said that acacia is not a common material for a wood cutting board. However, this kind of wood will perform very well in the kitchen. 

For the Janka scale, this wood has around 1,170 to 1,760lbf. With the high scale, of course, acacia will provide a durable cutting board that could be applied for years. Then, from the budget side, this wood material is also less expensive and it has some different shades to consider. 

4) Walnut

Walnut is another best material for a cutting board. Many people said that walnut is one of the softest closed-grain hardwoods. It is great on knives but more prone to scratches. On another hand, walnut is very awesome with a dark hue that could effectively mask everyday stains.

Well, some kinds of woods above could be considered the best materials when you want to find a durable cutting board. By choosing the right material, we are sure that you could have a special cutting board that could be applied for years.

If you are looking for a durable wood cutting board made from the best materials, you could contact us here. Yes, Jati Luhur Agung, provide some kinds of the best cutting board from some different woods with different dimensions and shapes to choose from. Scroll our catalogs and find your favorite cutting board!

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