engineered wood flooring

When it comes to wood flooring, the contractors may offer you solid, engineered, or laminated wood flooring. Over the options, engineered wood flooring has gained more popularity due to its extensive advantage. It’s considered to be a great alternative to solid wood flooring. From the pricing to efficiency, they are actually more reasons why you
should choose the engineered flooring.

More Affordable

In the same size of the area you want to floor, it would be cheaper to use engineered than the solid one. Having a fully wooden flooring could be costly when you use solid hardwood products. The engineered and the solid wood floors can be barely distinguished as they’ve been installed on the prepared underfloor. The wood-plywood construction allows the manufacturer to keep the price low for engineered flooring.

More Stable and Humidity Resistant

The engineered flooring comes with layers where the top layer is solid hardwood and lower layers are plywood with engineered construction. This type of wooden floor is considerably more stable than solid wood products. The engineered construction of top hardwood and plywood based drive more strength and stability in the flooring installation. It can resist the fluctuations of temperature and moisture way better than the solid wood flooring.

Expandable Utility

Since it can tolerate the temperature and humidity, you can apply underfloor heating with engineered wood. You can expand the utility of the room with this floor. You can install the HVAC system with no problem as engineered wooden flooring can remain stable with fluctuating temperature change. No need to worry about cracking, molds, or weaken structured thanks to the engineered construction. It would remain flat in all weather.

Wide Range of Options

The solid wood that constructs the top layer of engineered wood comes from various species of wood. Most wood appears on solid wood flooring catalog, you’d always find the engineered versions. You’d find more extensive options for colors and finishes when it comes to engineered flooring products. You can simply choose the one that fits your interior design and preferences.

Wide thickness range

Not only the diverse looks, but the engineered wood flooring also comes with a range of thickness from 12.5mm-22mm. You can choose the most suitable thickness for your floor and on your budget. The thinner wood floors typically come with lower prices and flex your flooring options when renovating your house or as planning to install a new floor. However, these engineered wood floors come with fixed widths and lengths just like the solid wood version. You’d have to use the same thickness to connect the flooring across your home.

Flexible Installation

Installing engineered flooring can be done in multiple ways as it’s stable in dimension. You can glue down the engineered wood flooring, screw or nail it down to the base, or float it on subfloors. This also flexes your renovation plan and the budgeting for preparing and installing the flooring with engineered wood flooring products. With the click fitting system, you can have a more consistent flooring result with less or even no mismatch issues during the installation process. However, it’s still important to consult the use of engineered wood flooring with you in advance.

Top Solid Wood

Some people might be confused with the laminated flooring and engineered wood flooring but there is a fundamental difference between two floorings. The engineered wood flooring Indonesia use hardwood on the top layer that is supported with plywood underneath. On the other hand, the laminated flooring doesn’t have any solid wood parts on any layers of its construction. At this point, what appears on the surface of laminated flooring including motifs, texture, and color are fully fabricated. Engineered wood flooring still uses the natural appeal of the hardwood for the top layer or its surface.

Refinishing is Possible

Since the top layer of engineered wood flooring is solid, refinishing the surface is possible. Unlike the laminated flooring that can’t be refinished, you can sand and apply new finishing on the products of engineered wood flooring factory when you need a refreshing look on your floor. This way, you can save money for buying a new wooden floor and allocate it to another renovation budget.

Solid Wood Appearance

solid wood flooring

Once it’s installed, you’d hardly tell the difference between a solid and engineered flooring. The solid wood on the top layer of engineered wood creates a solid surface. Even when you step on the floor with the barefoot, you still can’t tell the differences. Unlike
laminated wood, that comes with fabricated ornament, engineered flooring embrace the solid wood texture. That’s why engineered wood flooring has become the best alternative to solid wood.

Underfloor Heating Installation is Possible

Since it’s resistant to the changes in humidity and temperature, it would compatible with underfloor heating. You can’t install heating below the most solid wood floors while keeping them straight. You can install underfloor heating below the engineered wood flooring and it would be still flat after years. If you’re planning to install underfloor heating at the first place, the engineered wood flooring isn’t the alternative to solid wood flooring but should be your main option.

No Waste, More Efficient

Engineered wood flooring has high precision and dimensional stability that not only make the installation more quickly but also more efficient. Since they come with precise measurement there would be no mismatching issue and, therefore, no waste. You can get the best value of your money with engineered wood flooring.


Engineered wood flooring is a great investment for anyone who builds a new home or renovates
one. It’s a great alternative to solid wood flooring but with more dimensional stability, more
affordable price, more efficiency, and underfloor heating compatibility. Moreover, engineered
wood flooring has a top solid wood that gives you the look and texture of an entirely solid wood
flooring. It also exceeds laminating flooring in all aspects.