Why Solid Hardwood is Good in Indonesia

Solid hardwood is wood that is processed directly. This type of wood has high resistance from tropical weather in Indonesia. Solid hardwood has advantages such as its sturdiness and its beautiful pattern.

More than that this wood has a durability of up to 15 years. This type of wood is also widely chosen because of its resistance to the water even when submerged in water for months. Solid Hardwood is good to use because it has many colors that can be matched with your furniture.

In architecture, solid hardwood gives a warm impression and is easy to process to match the building design. To carry out maintenance on this type of wood, try to install it in a room that is slightly exposed to sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity level.

Type of Solid Hardwood

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Solid hardwood is wood that is processed directly after being cut from the forest. The processed wood is solid wood so that it is stronger and more durable against changes in temperature and weather. Almost all types of wood can be used as solid hardwood, but the following are the best wooden wood:

Sungkai Wood

Sungkai wood has a color that is between light brown, white, and slightly yellowish. In addition to the color that looks bright, sungkai wood has an aesthetic because of its unique fiber. However, sungkai wood is not recommended for outdoor furniture, because it is less resistant to weather changes.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany is a solid hardwood that is easy to find. This type of wood has small pores and a hard texture, so it can be used as a basic material for furniture. Mahogany wood has a relatively cheap price. For this type of wood treatment, do not use it for furniture that is in direct contact with the ground, to avoid termites.

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Meranti Wood

Like sungkai wood, meranti wood has a variety of colors, dark red, brownish pink, pale pink, to dark brownish red are the colors that this wood has. Uniquely, these colors are a marker of the age of the wood. Meranti wood has a hard structure, is durable and dries faster, and is more resistant to temperature changes. No wonder this wood has a higher price than the previous wood.

Pine Wood

This wood is very popular for use as furniture, because the color of this wood is bright, making it easier to paint. Pinewood is considered to have a high aesthetic value in the market. It has a neat and fine fiber. Pinewood is susceptible to mold, so the humidity of the furniture must be considered.

Teak Wood

In Indonesia, teak wood is often used as a medium for carving because of its soft characteristics. Teak wood is also often used as the main material for making furniture. This type of wood has an oil coating that makes it always look shiny. In addition, teak wood has extraordinary resistance to weather and mildew.

So, those were some types of solid hardwood that you can use in the tropical climate of Indonesia. Have you decided what wood to use for flooring? Feel free to contact us if you need any help