Home is where our story begins so you cannot afford the story to start on a wrong note.  When your house is under construction, then you focus on every little detail. The perfect flooring adds up to the durability and the beauty of the house. As a result, you cannot afford to go wrong here. One of the best flooring which you will come across is solid hardwood floor. Let us find out why it is the best choice for your home.

What is Solid Hardwood floor?

Well, Solid Hardwood floor gets made from solid hardwood. The key material includes Oak, Maple and Walnut pieces. The best thing about Hardwood floor is that you can refinish and sand it many times over its lifespan.

As the name implies, solid wood floors are made of solid wood with relatively have an expensive price. However, although it can provide its prestige value, solid wood is not very suitable for interiors in tropical regions with high humidity levels such as Indonesia, because solid wood flooring has the possibility of expanding and shrinking caused by air temperatures.

This type of flooring is generally produced with a thickness of 15mm to 18mm and can be refinished after some time is used. But unfortunately, solid wood floors cannot be installed just below the tank (below grade) and also cannot be installed on concrete. 

Solid Hardwood Flooring vs. Engineered Flooring

enginnered hardwood flooring

Now, it can be quite difficult for you to make a choice between Solid Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Flooring. Let us compare them and figure out the best choice. When you look at Solid Hardwood floor, then it is narrow in appearance.

Plus, Hardwood floor has tight seams between the respective boards. Plus, you can find a variety of colors and species with Hardwood floor. You can get hold of Solid Hardwood in both pre-finished and also unfinished boards.

When you go for Engineered flooring, then the floorboards tend to be wide. If you go for pre-finished engineered flooring, then it has beveled edges. As a result, you will notice solid grooves between the boards.

Well, the fact is that Engineered flooring always gets sold pre-finished. Plus, you will not be able to get an extensive range of colors and species in the Engineered Flooring.

Both Hardwood flooring and Engineered Flooring are resistant to heat. However, both Solid Hardwood and Engineering Flooring are not suitable for wet installations. However, engineered flooring still performs better in humid locations.

How to clean Solid Hardwood flooring?

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What makes Solid Hardwood flooring stand out is that it is easy to clean. Even simple vacuuming and sweeping can clean this floor. However, occasional damp moping can also clean the Hardwood floor in no time.

When vacuuming, keep one thing in mind. The vacuum should not have a beater bar attachment. The reason is the attachment can damage the surface of the floor. What you must keep in mind is that dust mopping will not be able to remove the grime that built up over the passage of time.

For extensive cleaning, you will need to make use of a liquid cleaner. What you need to do is saturate a sponge into your cleaning solution. Make sure that you wring out the sponge properly and apply it over the mop. The reason is that you want the mop to be damp not wet.

Clean the floor once the mop gets damp. However, make sure that you do not spill a lot of the cleaning solution on the floor. After cleaning the floor with the liquid cleaner, wring out the mop with the clean water.

The benefit is that you will be able to take off the excess water from the mop. Now, clean the floor with the mop again to remove the liquid cleaner from the floor. In the end, clean the floor with a dry towel. The reason is that standing water can cause significant damage to the floor.

You can also use boiling water and teabags to clean the floor. It helps to retain the natural shine of the hardwood floor.

When to install Hardwood flooring in our house?

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What you must keep in mind is that wood absorbs moisture because it is porous. There is too much humidity during Summers and Spring so it may not be the best time to install hardwood floor. The floor can become distorted because of the high humidity levels. Fall is the best time to install Hardwood floor because there is less humidity.

Are Solid Hardwood Flooring suitable for my House?

Hardwood flooring is the most suitable option for a house because it does not take long to install this flooring. The best part is that the Hardwood flooring can get refinished if needed.

How long will Solid Hardwood last for a House?

Solid Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime if you indulge in its upkeep. What you must keep in mind is that the floor will show signs of wear and tear after sometime. However, regular maintenance can help to retain the appeal of the floor for a long time to come.

How much is the price for Hardwood Floors?

The price range of Hardwood floor installation is $2,800-$6,400.

However, the best approach is to assess your requirements before installing the Hardwood floor. You will not have any regrets at the end of the day.  There is no denying the fact that Hardwood floor adds to the beauty of your house so try it.

Where is to Buy Solid Hardwood Flooring? 

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Indonesia has great potential in the wood flooring industry, especially solid wood flooring. One of the best solid wood flooring in Indonesia is PT Jati Luhur Agung. PT Jati Luhur Agung was established in Semarang in the year 1974. The company has been in operation for more than 45 years and is now run by its second generation, focusing in the wood flooring and wood component business.

In the beginning of its establishment, the company put emphasis on Teak Wood mainly due to the availability of raw materials as well as the development of wood flooring market for residential and housing needs in Singapore and Hong Kong in the 1970s and also Taiwan, Japan and Italy in the 1980s.

Along with time, the company expands its business by using several other wood materials available in Indonesia such as Rubber Wood, Acacia, Mahogany, Sungkai and Merbau, while innovating and investing in finishing technology and expanding the product lines to fulfill the demand from other European market and USA.

Why buy Solid Hardwood Flooring in Jati Luhur Agung?

Jati Luhur Agung have an experience for over than 45 years in wood flooring industry. Our Vision is To be a company that produces the best quality of products and services, that continues to grow along with market development that enables it to compete in the global market while ensuring the latest technology in the industry and consistently contributing to the welfare of community and environment.

We have many certificated in this business, such as eco friendly product, CARD Phase 2 Complience, Indonesian Legal Wood.

What is the minimum purchase of Solid Hardwood floors in Jati Luhur Agung?

If you want to order our wood flooring, kindly message us here. You can check out our photo gallery to see the images of our products. Our products stand apart from the rest in quality and texture. So, trust us if you want the best Hardwood Flooring.