professional wood flooring

Wood flooring can enhance your home interior. Besides that, it works in either contemporary or traditional space very well. So, if you are interested in the professional wood floor, you can select from famous hardwood options such as maple, ash, oak, etc. They have different looks and properties. Therefore, make sure to choose the type of wood floor which suits your budget and lifestyle. Some common options you can choose are such as wood-look laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, and solid hardwood flooring.

Best Materials of the Professional Wood Floor

After you determine the type of wood flooring, then you should consider the wood species. Here, you have to look at the maintenance, cost, grain pattern, and color. In addition, you may think about hardness where it affects the durability.

1. Hickory

In relation to hardness, it is harder compared to some other popular hardwoods such as maple, oak, and ash. In fact, its scale on the Janka hardness measures 1,820. That’s why it is very durable. For your information, it can withstand high traffic, moisture, and damage excellently. Then, this wood is relatively lightweight so that you can stain it with any shade. In addition, you can wax it to improve its warm look & moisture resistance. To make it last longer, you can consider using a hardwood floor restorer and protector.

2. Oak

Oak is the next best wood flooring material. Commonly, white oak wood measures 1,360 whereas live oak wood measures 2,680 on the Janka hardness scale. So, different subspecies may have different hardness. Besides that, there are some colors available such as dark red, white, etc. Moreover, you can easily fix minor damage with a DIY repair kit.

3. Ash

When it comes to its hardness, ash is similar to white oak. In fact, is Janka hardness scale measures 1,320. Besides that, ash wood tolerates the fluctuations of humidity. Then, it doesn’t only age well but also doesn’t splinter. And, people like ash wood flooring because it absorbs shock and is comfortable for walking on.

4. Maple

Sugar maple/hard maple has a higher Janka scale than white oak and ash where it measures 1,450. Maple wood flooring is suitable for modern home decorations because of its open grain pattern as well as light texture. Moreover, maple is resistant to minor damages like scrapes.

5. Cherry

When it comes to the Janka scale, the hardness of Brazilian cherry measures 2,350. With distinctive hues of warm red, cherry wood flooring is not only comfortable for walking on but also shock-absorbing. If you have never seen cherry wood, you need to know that it comes with unique grains, working well especially for traditional home style.

6. Ebony

Belongs to the hardest wood, the Janka hardness scale of Brazilian ebony reaches 3,700. Available in dark brown shade, it darkens with age until it turns black. Because of the durability, ebony is also ideal for professional wood floor. For your information, it is not prone to scratches. Additionally, high density makes it moisture-resistant better than other options.

7. Bamboo

If you think that bamboo cannot work for flooring, you are totally wrong. Measuring 3,000 Janka scale shows that its hardness is good enough for flooring. Actually, bamboo doesn’t belong to wood but grass. However, it is similar to hardwood, especially for flooring. What makes it great is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is best for applications with underfloor heating.

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Most Durable Materials for Professional Wood Floor

If you are looking for hardwood flooring with the highest durability, the best choices include bamboo, live oak, cherry, and ebony. In fact, they don’t only wear very well but also have the better resistance to minor damages than other woods. Of course, you still need to maintain your wooden floor to extend its lifespan. Even more, wood floor restorer products can also make your floor still looking good after years.

Most Valuable Materials for Professional Wood Floor

If you prefer real wood, hickory and maple can be the most valuable choices for your wood flooring. Commonly, maple wood flooring costs $6.5 – $11 / square foot whereas hickory wood flooring costs $6 – $13 / square foot. Meanwhile, woven bamboo flooring costs $5 – $11 / square foot. So, even though bamboo is not technically wood, its value is also exceptional. Anyway, bamboo is as hard as hardwood when you use it for flooring.

Most Affordable Materials for Professional Wood Floor

If you want to apply wood flooring but are limited on budget, you can choose laminate wood-look flooring. We know that it is not real wood. However, it is a great alternative for those who cannot afford much money for wooden floor. For your information, laminate wood-look flooring costs only $2 – $10 / square foot.

Most Scratch-resistant Materials for Professional Wood Floor

Do you want to have wood flooring that is resistant to scratch? Then, ebony or Brazilian cherry can be your best choices. Alternatively, you can consider other solid hardwoods that have high hardness rating on the Janka scale.

Best Waterproof Materials for Professional Wood Floor

Actually, there’s no waterproof wood flooring. However, engineered hardwood, bamboo, and ebony are closest. In fact, they tend to stand to spills and humidity.

Most Stunning Materials for Professional Wood Floor

If the beauty is your priority, there are a few hardwoods that look exotic. Some of them are Brazilian cherry and ebony that have attractive grain patterns. Besides that, they come with beautiful natural colors.

Actually, there are still many other considerations when choosing the material for professional wood floor. For example, those who have pets will be better to choose either engineered hardwood, bamboo, or ebony. Or, you can choose the material based on the room. For example, maple, ash, and white oak are best for living room. Meanwhile, maple, oak, hickory, and ash are great for hallway. After you know what material of wood flooring you need, you can buy it at Jati Luhur Agung to get the best quality and price.

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