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Kitchen wood cabinets belong to a classic feature in a kitchen. Either natural or stained, wood cabinets always match with every style of decoration. That’s why homeowners must have wood cabinets for their kitchen. Because there are many types of wood for kitchen cabinets, you have to know which one is suitable for your kitchen decorating style.

Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Based on the material, wood cabinets are available in different colors and styles. Check out the following popular options!

1. Red Oak Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Red oak is not only strong & durable but also looks stunning because it is available in different styles & finishes. For your information, it comes with pronounced grain patterns. It also belongs to the most popular wood for traditional cabinets.

2. White Oak Kitchen Wood Cabinets

White oak is also durable like red oak. Even more, it is a little bit stronger. Besides that, it has more golden tones, with a subtler grain.

3. Hard Maple Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Then, hard maple is a light-color and fine-grain wood that is pricier than oak. However, it is less dense. You need to know that maple wood can be stained and is usually dressed with a natural or clear finish for a light, contemporary look.

4. Hickory Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Clearly, hickory is lighter than oak wood. However, they are similar in strength and grain pattern. Even though it can be stained, usually it is complemented with a natural or clear finish.

5. Cherry Kitchen Wood Cabinets

When it comes to wood kitchen cabinets, cherry wood belongs to the option to consider. It is difficult enough to withstand knocks & marring. When used for traditional styles, cherry wood looks formal and elegant. Furthermore, the versatility of its design can give a contemporary personality to your kitchen. The smooth, fine-grain wood is available in red to reddish-brown tones that darken with age. 

6. Birch Kitchen Wood Cabinets

As a durable, fine-grain wood, birch is darker than maple. It doesn’t only take finishes well but can also masquerade as a much more expensive wood. It has a good ‘faux’ maple or cherry look if stained. Usually, birch is an affordable choice for those who want a kitchen cabinet from wood.

7. Ash Kitchen Wood Cabinets

In terms of strength & durability, ash is similar to oak. However, it comes with a more pronounced figure and alight color. Then, the straight-grain lumber creates a contemporary character with a natural or clear finish.

8. Pine Kitchen Wood Cabinets

The only softwood usually used for cabinetry is pine. Often, it features knots to underscore country and traditional styles.

Kitchen cabinets also often come with other types of woods such as acacia, mahogany, etc. By understanding the character of each wood, you will be able to choose the best wood for your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Wood Cabinets Features to Consider

The following factors should be your considerations when choosing the best material for kitchen wood cabinets:

1. Grain

Veneered cabinets seem to be better than solid wood cabinets, except at the high end.

2. Color

You shouldn’t always consider wood’s natural color. In fact, stain can also replicate the maple’s color on a birch base. Even more, painting wood cabinets can also be an option.

3. Construction

You can construct wood cabinet drawers using rabbets or dowels, and dovetails. Generally, drawers with dovetails last longer. However, they consume more wood to produce. Besides that, they are more expensive, too.

Cost Guidelines of Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Commonly, wood cabinets cost at around $100 per linear foot. The cost may rise to over $300 per linear foot, especially for the custom designs, rarer woods, etc. Generally, cabinetry that is not wood veneer or solid-wood is thermofoil or laminate. For your information, both thermofoil and laminate are available in different patterns and colors.

Wood Alternatives for Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to wood kitchen cabinets, laminates and thermofoil can be the alternatives. Then, what is the difference between them?

1. Laminate

Laminate wood is made from 3 resin-saturated layers including a base layer, a printer & colored layer, and a protective transparent layer. You need to know that heat & pressure will fuse a laminate to a substrate. The substrate’s weight makes laminate kitchen cabinets heavier than wood cabinets.

Usually, laminate is applied to cover exterior surfaces of cabinetry, some interior surfaces, and the fronts & backs of doors. High-pressure laminates are hard to damage so that vertical surfaces are as durable as countertops. Meanwhile, low-pressure laminates (melamine) are less impact-resistant and have a tendency to chip and crack.

2. Thermofoil

This is a vinyl film that is applied to a substrate with heat & pressure. The process of application makes it possible to resemble wood detailing more closely. One more thing, Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are easy maintenance.

Manufactured Woods for Kitchen Cabinets

Also known as substrates, manufactured wood products are hidden behind wood veneers, vinyl film, or laminate. Below are the types of manufactured woods used:

1. Particleboard

It is made of wood particles that are mixed with resin & bonded by pressure. New techs & improved resins make it a strong, reliable material.

2. Medium-Density Fiberboard

It is a high-quality substrate made of smaller fibers. It offers an extremely smooth surface, clean edges, and superior screw-holding power. In addition, you can shape and paint its edges.

3. Plywood

This is made by laminating thin wood layers to each other with grain. Different directions of the grain have the equal strength.

Before choosing kitchen wood cabinets, you have to know that they can easily warp as the moisture changes. Because of that, the wood must be finished in the factory to prevent warping. After choosing the type of wood, you should find the place where to buy the cabinetry.

Jati Luhur Agung is the right place to purchase high-quality wood cabinets for your kitchen. There, you will get the highest-quality products with the best prices. Contact us if you need any help!

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