white kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet, of course, becomes an essential part of kitchen decoration, especially for those who want to have a comfortable place to cook with an awesome design. The kitchen wood still becomes the best option to renew the kitchen cabinet. However, you need to consider the kinds of wood that should be applied just to get the best white kitchen cabinet.

Well, considering the material for the white kitchen cabinet is not only about appearance. We are sure that the appearance of the kitchen cabinet is very important since it will influence the décor result. However, the cabinet also will influence the budget for renovation and its durability.

Here, we will talk about some woods that you could consider creating a new white kitchen cabinet for a better cooking place. Find out which one fits in your kitchen and becomes the best material for your cabinet.

Kinds of Material for White Kitchen Cabinets

As we have said before, some woods materials are available that could be considered in choosing the best material for the white kitchen cabinets. However, before deciding on materials, minimally, you need to know what the material is and its pros and cons. 


Plywood is a popular material that is applied to create a new white kitchen cabinet. This material could be chosen especially when you want to make your DIY cabinets. The price points vary depending on the grade of the plywood. It is the same thing with its durability.

Another reason why plywood could be a good option is that this material is affordable and it is available in large sheets. It means that there will be more flexibility in building the shape of the kitchen countertops using this wood. 

Pros of using Plywood

• Easy to repair
Plywood is very interesting since it is quite easy to manipulate. It means that if you see the cabinet is broken, you could repair it. You can fill a chip with the wood filled just to make sure that the broken part will not be visible.

• Lightweight
Plywood is lightweight. It means that this material is easy to erect. However, this material still could carry heavy loads, such as casserole dishes or cans of food.

• Can be inexpensive
Depending on the grade of the plywood, this material could be inexpensive. It means that you could manage your budget better by choosing it. The price of this wood material could be started from around $10 per panel. 

Seeing some points above, we may see that plywood is nice, especially for you who want to make a DIY white kitchen cabinet.

However, this material still has some cons. These are:

• It is imperfect
It could be said that plywood is far from perfect since the planks and panels of wood go. That is why you are important to look for the gaps in the panels when building the kitchen cabinets.

• Thinner plywood could break
Since coming with different thicknesses, you need to be selective in choosing it. The thick plywood could be applied to create the shelves and interior, while the thinner material could be applied as backing. 

Substantively, plywood has a good built quality. However, the durability of the created white kitchen cabinet depends on how you create and string up the panels.

Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard could be said as one of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials. Yes, this kind of kitchen wood could be a good option, especially for those who want to have a stunning kitchen cabinet with a low budget.

This material for the kitchen cabinet comes in different styles and finishes. It means that you could choose the best MDF that is appropriate to the kitchen décor theme. 

On another hand, MDF is similar to plywood, which is made from the wood fibers bound with resin and then compressed into panels. Then, MDF is denser than hardwood. That is why this material will deliver a smoother finish with no grain. 

MDF has some pros to consider before choosing this material.

The pros of MDF are:

• Moisture resistant
Since MDF is made with wax and resin; this material could be said watertight. This detail will be very useful to keep the cabinets from getting warped.  

• Varying size options
MDF is a cabinet material that is easy to cut into different sizes. It means that there will be more flexibility to create the kitchen cabinet. 

• Bering man-made
The MDF panels are created perfectly and smoothly. The flat surface of DF means that this material will be easier to apply laminate of wood veneer onto the panels, and so do the paint. 

Some pros show that MDF is an excellent material for white kitchen cabinets, especially for those who want to have a unique cabinet with unusual shapes.

However, this cabinet material has some cons that also should be considered. 

• MDF is not suitable for high temperatures
It means that for kitchen décor with some ovens, MDF is not a perfect option for the cabinets

• This material is not strong enough
Being made of a wood blend, MDF is quite weak in comparison. That is why the durability becomes a sensitive issue for this material 

Well, that is MDF. This material is nice for the kitchen cabinet flexibility. However, the strength of this material is an issue. 

Solid wood

It could be said that solid wood is known as one of the best materials for white kitchen cabinets. It is a non-toxic and also renewable resource. On another hand, solid wood also has some variations, such as teak, Sheesham, hardwoods, and others.

This cabinet material has some pros that could be the reasons why you choose it as your favorite.

The pros are:

• Solid wood has high durability and could be applied for years 

• This material is environmentally friendly 

• Solid wood is available in many styles

However, it still has some cons to know.

Solid wood is very heavy and it will influence the way of kitchen cabinet creation. Then, as we have said before, it has a high price point.

At least, the three materials above could be your basic consideration in choosing the best materials for the white kitchen cabinet. If you want to redecorate your kitchen by renewing the kitchen cabinet, we are ready for you.

You could call Jati Luhur Agung for your solution. We have many options of white kitchen cabinet design and kinds of kitchen wood accessories with different materials. Of course, we also offer special prices for our consumers. Send us a message if you are interested!

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