Unique Kitchen Countertops Of Different Materials

For those of you who love cooking, the kitchen must be your favourite place at your house. In fact, the kitchen might be the place where you spend quality time with your family, besides the family room. Especially, if you apply the open plan concept, merging the kitchen with the dining room. When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are quite many things that you have to consider, one of them is the kitchen countertops. Do you have one in your kitchen?

Some people prefer not to have a kitchen countertop because they think it does not offer any functions. In fact, it does. A kitchen countertop offers you extra space to prepare your cooking. Moreover, it can also act as a dining table, very practical. Among some countertop types, wood countertops kitchen is one of the most recommended ones. A wooden countertop beautifully fits any kitchen interior designs. If you want to have one in your kitchen, here are some design ideas.

Vintage Wood

If your kitchen is in a vintage design, accentuate the design by having a white wooden kitchen countertop. Choose any wooden countertop you like, then paint it white. Do not forget to coat it in order to maintain the color. If you want to make it look shiny, add a glossy finishing. You can combine it with wooden chairs to complete the look, if you want to use the countertop as a dining table as well. Add a flower vase on top of the countertop to make it look even more beautiful.

Industrial Design

INdustrial design

If you want to bring a hint of the industrial design to your kitchen, you just need to leave the wooden countertop the way it is. Leave it raw without any finishing. As you know, raw looks are one of the characteristics of industrial design. This way, you can maintain the natural color and fiber of the wood material used. Add a flower vase or other decorative elements for the decoration.

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Modern Minimalist

As it is said before, a wooden kitchen countertop perfectly fits any interior designs. Though wood materials are often related to traditional and vintage designs, you can also involve them in your modern minimalist kitchen. It is not difficult to find modern wood kitchen countertops. You just need to find a wooden kitchen countertop in modern colors, such as grey or black. Then, combine it with modern chairs, such as bar stools.

Or, you can choose a wooden kitchen countertop that features glass cabinets. The glass cabinets will maintain the modern interior design in your kitchen. Moreover, you can also use it to display your tableware or cup collection. A dark wooden kitchen countertop is also ideal for a modern kitchen.

Carved Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Do you want your wooden kitchen countertop to be the focal point in your kitchen? Then, there is nothing better than a carved wooden countertop. By having this carved wood countertops kitchen Indonesia, there is no need for you to place any decorations. The carving is already decorative enough to beautify the wooden countertop. Such a wooden kitchen countertop will instantly be the focal point in your kitchen.

However, it might be quite hard to clean a carved wooden kitchen countertop because of the carvings. Dust and dirt will likely get stuck in the carvings.

Simple Design

For those of you who prefer a minimalist, simple design, you just need to choose a simple, rectangle wooden kitchen countertop. Make sure the size of the countertop fits your kitchen space. Choose the one with a clean cut to accentuate the simple design. Then, you can combine it with bar stools or simple chairs. Place a simple flower vase on top of it as the decoration.

Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Countertops

If you still doubt having a wood countertops kitchen, below are the benefits that you can get by having one in your kitchen.

ï        Affordable

Compared to marble countertops or granite countertops, wooden countertops are more affordable. However, the price still depends on the kind of woods used, as well as the thickness, construction, and finishing.

ï        Easy to Install

When installed, solid stone slabs can be fragile, requiring special skills. On the other hand, wooden blocks are easier to put in place. You can even save a significant amount of money by installing a wooden kitchen countertop yourself.

ï        Adding Warmth

Thanks to its natural styles and colours, a wooden kitchen countertop is able to add warmth to your kitchen when marble and granite countertops are not able to. So that if you want to bring warmth to your modern kitchen, consider having a wooden kitchen countertop. Even a butcher block looks classic and cozy.

ï        Easy to Maintain and Repair

In order to maintain the look, you just need to coat a wooden kitchen countertop every year. And this coating process takes just a little bit of effort, you can do it yourself without having to hire a professional. Some people prefer to use patina because it is rich in oil. Besides easy to maintain, wooden kitchen countertops are also easy to repair. By refinishing only, you can make your wooden countertop look brand-new.

ï        Durable

A wooden kitchen countertop is as durable as granite and marble countertops, especially if you maintain it well. With well maintenance, a wooden countertop can last for years. If you do not mind scratches, you can even slice and cut food ingredients directly on top of it. You can also easily clean stains and dirt from such a countertop. Make sure you immediately clean the stains before they are absorbed in the wood fibers.

Moreover, studies have shown that wood is way cleaner than plastic. This is why a wooden cutting board is more recommended than the plastic one.

Those are the design ideas and benefits of wooden countertops kitchen. As you can see, such a countertop offers many benefits and is suitable for any interior designs. Are you interested in having one and boosting the aesthetic value of your kitchen? Contact Us if you need any help!