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As technology advanced, there are more and more options for laminate flooring for many homeowners. Some of those options are inexpensive so it is also affordable for DIYers who wants to have kitchen wood flooring look. 

When you want to install flooring into the garage, kitchen or anywhere around the house, there are some factors you need to consider. Some of those factors are price, installation, appearance, and many others. Here are some of the best options that you can consider for your flooring.

Affordable Laminate Flooring Options Based on The Texture

Main thing most people consider when choosing laminate flooring is the appearance since it will affect the aesthetics of the kitchen wood flooring. Most of the time, people will choose one that appear like a hardwood flooring. 

To make the laminate hardwood flooring appear more realistic or to get a rustic look, certain types of texture is applied. Some of the texture options that you can choose are:

• Satin finish

This texture has subtle but shiny finishing on the laminate flooring. It can reflect the light but you should not have to worry as it does not look glossy so it would not appear too overpowering.

• Hand scraped texture

Actually, the laminate flooring is not really hand scrapped when creating this texture. However, the flooring is pressed to recreate hand scrapped kitchen wood flooring appearance. 

• Matte finish

This texture is the most popular as it recreates natural looking of hardwood floor with its signature wood texture. 

• Natural wood texture

This type of flooring feels exactly like natural hardwood floor. That is why, it is one of the most popular options used by many homeowners who want to get authentic hardwood floor look. 

• Oiled wood texture

You probably know that oiled wood is a traditional style that is timeless and classing. Thus, it is still very popular even today. This texture is created to copy the natural appearance of untreated hardwood flooring. With this texture your flooring will appear as if it is treated using natural oil. 

• Soft scraped texture

If you want something subtle for the kitchen wood flooring, then you might want to use this texture. It is created to appear as if the flooring is worn overtime to create rustic look that is more subdued. 

• High Gloss texture

This type of flooring finishing has shiny appearance but still elegant at the same time. It is suitable for modern theme and upscale building that want to have expensive look.

• Stone texture

This flooring does not have the wooden look that everyone loves, instead it uses stone or slate appearance. Thus, it can be a good alternate for kitchen wood flooring if you want different look.

• Oxide surface texture

This texture gives metallic look on the flooring with a little bit of shine and subtle metallic appearance. This type of texture usually applied on chic theme and modern interiors. 

Edge Options Available to Choose From

Besides the texture, you also need to consider the edge of the flooring since it will describe the method used to cut the plank. It will also affect the overall look of the flooring when put together. 

It will also determine whether the flooring edge will appear defined or float seamlessly with one another. That is why, the edge will highly affect the end result that you will get with the flooring. Here are some of the kitchen wood flooring edge options that you should consider:

• Micro Bevel edge

The plank edge for this laminate flooring option has more of rounded corner with micro bevel that is very fine and hardly noticeable. This style usually applied on modern themed houses. 

• Square edge

For this option, the laminate flooring edges are finished using 90degree of angle. It will create sleek appearance with seamless transition on each kitchen wood flooring plank with the traditional look that everyone loves.

• V Groove edge

The edge on this laminate flooring plank is very unique since it is defined and grooved in the V shape, hence the name. When installed, it will create continues appearance as if your room is filled thoroughly with solid wooden flooring. 

• Pointed Bevel Edge

The groove on the edge of the plank is painted thoroughly so each laminate flooring will become more pronounced. 

• Rolled Bevel Edge

On this kitchen wood flooring, the color and the design of the flooring is rolled over outside the edge. When put together the flooring will feel more authentic and natural since it eliminates the sharp edge.

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Choosing the Best Option for Your House


You surely want to have the best laminate flooring option for your house. If that is the case, then you need to consider these things when choosing the options:

• Types

First you need to choose the types of the flooring that you want to use. You can choose the details from the options we have mentioned before. laminate material is also very good as kitchen wood flooring. It is durable and affordable so you can install it in your kitchen without worry. 

• Thickness

Do not forget to consider the thickness of the flooring. Especially since the thickness will highly affect how the flooring will be through wear and tear. Thicker flooring can also help to reduce noise, which is suitable for high activity area like the kitchen. 

Usually the thickness of the kitchen wood flooring will be measured using mm scale. If you have stable subfloor then you can actually use thinner flooring. But if your subfloors are uneven, then you need thicker flooring for better result.

• Appearance

Another thing that you might want to consider is the overall appearance of the flooring itself. Especially since it will highly affect the aesthetic of the room where you install the flooring. 

Try to choose color that suitable for the them and can complement the space. Take a look of the texture since it should match with the interior. Different finishing will give your interior different feeling, so you should be careful.

Where to Purchase the Best Flooring

Those that wants to try and get your hands on the best type of flooring in the market, then you should try to contact Jati Luhur Agung. We are specialized in wood parquet flooring with different options that you can choose from. If you are interested, you can call us through our phone number +62.24.866.2688

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